What Is Rubberwood? Is Rubberwood Furniture Good?

What Is Rubberwood

Disclosure: We could earn commissions on purchases made via the links on this page. It’s a common misconception that rubberwood is either soft or even rubbery. However, the truth is that rubberwood is neither hard nor rubbery because it’s a wood block. It’s called rubberwood since the wood is derived from rubber trees that produce latex. The latex produced by rubber is later transfat Is Rubberwoodormed into all sorts of soft rubber products and hard ones like furniture. The material is very soft. However, rubberwood is extremely hard. This article will provide more details about rubberwood and furniture made from rubberwood.

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What is the meaning of rubberwood?

Rubberwood is a part of the family of maple trees. The maple tree is used to make furniture and other wood products.

Does furniture make from rubberwood work?

It is a sturdy wood used extensively to create furniture due to its amazing properties. It is flexible, tough, and immune to bacteria, mold, and fungi. However, it is a coarse, thick grain, which makes it more commonly used in furniture made for industrial use than high-end furniture. But, it is utilized to create stunning furniture based on how it is attached and built. Find out more information about the benefits of rubberwood. The following information will increase your understanding of rubberwood and its use in furniture production. Also, have a look at this amazing rubberwood dining set called that’s called the Furgle Dining Set. It’s gorgeous dining set with a Malaysian Rubberwood Table and Four Chairs.

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What Is Rubberwood? Is Rubberwood Furniture Good?

Rubberwood is part of the family of maple trees. It isn’t a rubbery one, but it is moderately hard and has a density comparable to the density of Ash. The other names for rubberwood are Hevea wood, Parawood Malaysian oak, and Asian hardwood. The wood comes from the rubber tree, where natural latex originates. Latex is a chemical that is used to make many kinds of rubber-based products. Rubber trees cannot make latex if they are over 30 years old. After three years, the trees are harvested, transformed into the wood, and turned into furniture. Finally, the new rubber tree is planted to ensure the continued production of latex. Furniture made of rubberwood is cheaper than furniture made of mahogany, oak, or other costly types of wood. But furniture made from rubberwood also has its own merits. For instance, the Furgle Dining Set is an excellent illustration of this. It’s a dining table set comprising a rectangular table and four chairs.

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The Furgle table is constructed of top-quality rubberwood made in Malaysia. It features a traditional design with sturdy and long-lasting wood. The dining table is hand-carved and accentuates the delicate appearance made of Malaysian oak. It provides a warm and sophisticated dining experience for a reasonable price. Rubber trees are indigenous to Brazil. However, there are many rubber plantations across all Southeast Asia. They become mature after nine years, and the production of latex commences. The extraction of latex continues for 25-30 years, after which the production of latex declines. Then, they are taken away and transformed into furniture and lumber. These countries that harvest the rubberwood do not export the wood. Instead, they convert them into furniture and lumber and then transport them to other countries. Apart from being used in furniture and wood-based building material, rubberwood is used to manufacture veneer, medium-density fiberboard, and particleboard.

How Can You Recognize Rubberwood?

The natural hue of the wood can range from light blonde up to medium. However, once it is dried and kiln-fired, the color changes towards medium brown streaks or even darker. Some may show pinkish tints. Rubberwood is a block of wood with vertical vessels that give its grain a coarse appearance. The wood grains add an air of personality. Since it’s light-colored, it is typically colored or stained when used in furniture. Its natural hue of wood is similar to poplar or pine. The grains are usually straight, and the texture is typically flexible. Although it’s like maple in many ways, its structure is more porous. That makes it slightly less pliable than the tree it is derived from, which is maple.

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Little Known Facts About Rubberwood

Here are some things many people don’t know about rubberwood.

You can find natural HabitatRubber trees in many countries, including South America, Africa, and Asia. Rubber mature trees can reach a height of 40 meters or 120 feet. They can last for up to 100 years.

Rubberwood Is Long-lasting

It is durable and strong because it’s part of the hardwood maple family. It can withstand the growth of bacteria, mold, and fungus if used as furniture. Apart from being sturdy, it is also pliable.

It Is Eco-friendly

Rubberwood is used to construct furniture after the tree’s rubber has been through its years of producing latex. The phase is usually between 25-30 years into its maturing life. As a result, it is one of the most sustainable natural resources in the world.

It Is Versatile

There are numerous ways to use Hevea wood. In addition to being utilized as a raw material for furniture making, It is also used to make veneer particleboard, medium-density fiberboard, and industrial furniture.

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Rubberwood Furniture Is Mainly for Indoor Use

It would be best if you used furniture made of rubberwood, mostly inside. The natural chemicals that protect rubberwood cannot stop moisture from getting into the wood grain. Furniture made of rubberwood outdoors could expose bacterial and fungal attacks and mold. In addition, outdoor moisture could seep into the wood and cause the furniture to warp and break.

Care and Maintenance

A basic soap solution and water are recommended to wash the surface of furniture made from rubberwood. However, be sure not to use too much water as moisture can get into the wood grain. Instead, dry the wood surface using an unclean cloth. Applying Furniture wax can also help give the wood a shine. However, since wax attracts dirt and dust, clean the furniture frequently to keep its shine.

Rubberwood Has a Critical Part to Play in This World

The modern world is largely due to rubberwood. With its white sap, Latex is used as a primary ingredient in manufacturing almost all the products and services we utilize in our daily lives. As a result, it is among the most widely used materials in our contemporary world, from rubber bandages to cars and airplane tires. Check out the video below for more information about the use of rubber wood and the way it is used in furniture:

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Is Rubberwood Good for Furniture Making?

Although rubberwood isn’t an extremely well-known raw material used for creating furniture, it is becoming a key material for furniture production because of its numerous benefits. In the industry of wood, Hevea wood transformed into timber and wood panels and was later, and it is used to create furniture of all kinds. One illustration is an example is the DLNI Dining Set of 2 PU Leisure Furniture. The classic upholstered dining room chairs will last for a long time. You can put it within its dining room or in the bar.

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The DLNI dining chair set has dense foam padding and robust black rubberwood. A nailhead trim made of chrome-studs highlights the comfortable seats within an extremely durable frame. That is a wonderful illustration of the rubberwood used to create an exquisite item of furniture. It is an excellent raw material source for constructing furniture and different items. Here is the list of wood products that could be made from rubberwood.


The use of rubberwood is to create sheets or veneers composed of thin pieces of wood. They are utilized as finishing materials for covering rough woodwork.

Medium-density Fiberboard

The making of MDFs and particleboards also requires using rubberwood. These are mostly used for producing wood cabinets that are low-cost flooring, wooden floors, moldings, and wood paneling for walls, windows, frames for windows, and doors.

Cement Boards

Rubberwood is among the elements used in the production of cement-bonded particleboards. Construction companies use these boards due to their insulation qualities and superior resistance to fungi, fire, and weather.


It is also used in the building of different types of furniture for the following areas:

  • Framing
  • Engraving and printing on wood
  • Furniture production for homes, offices, buildings, display showrooms, and retail shops
  • Fine-art wooden handicraft products
  • Shelf construction
  • Furniture weather-resistant (outdoor furniture pieces which are immune to molds, termites, and water)
  • Production of joinery and molding, for example, strip and parquet flooring and staircases.
Advantages of Using Rubberwood
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Advantages of Using Rubberwood

There are numerous advantages of making use of the material known as rubberwood (Hevea wood) to build furniture. Here are a few benefits that make rubberwood the ideal material to use to make furniture:

Easy to Work With

Making furniture from rubberwood is much easier than using other hardwoods. It doesn’t matter if you build it by hand or using power tools. The Malaysian oak is a good choice for its capabilities for the machining process and general woodworking. It is simple to cut and bore and glue, nail and turn. It can withstand staining, finishes extremely well, and is very easy to stain. It’s also very easy to mold, even moving at speeds that exceed 20 meters per hour. Furthermore, rubberwood can be coated with paint very well.

Low Cost

Rubberwood is among the most affordable options on the market. Furniture made from Hevea wood is generally less expensive than furniture constructed from traditional wood products. The cost of making one cubic meter of rubberwood is about 30 percent lower than the meranti red or dark red lauan wood. It’s a fantastic “real wood” alternative to fiberboards and MDFs, especially when the two kinds of wood aren’t suitable.

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Rubber trees are grown on farms. That makes them a renewable resource. However, it is a byproduct of rubber. If rubber trees have exhausted their capacity to produce latex, They are removed to make lumber or wood. Following the harvest, new seedlings are planted to replace them within the manufacturing line.

Nontoxic and Fire Resistant

Hevea wood has naturally invulnerable to fire. As a result, the wood will be less susceptible to harm even if caught in the fire. It will also emit less smoke because it’s non-toxic wood.

Wood Grains Are Simple and Refined

The wood grains of rubberwood has a coarse appearance. They’re simple but sophisticated. Its natural color is cream. However, once dried, its color turns darker. It is also possible to look like walnut or oak by staining it. It also gets painted very easily.

Strong and Durable

In the end, the toughness and durability of rubberwood are similar to other hardwoods like maple and oak. The wood is characterized by a Janka rating that is 980 pounds. That gives the most stable profile for all types of wood when properly seasoned. It also has a low shrinkage, which makes it an ideal raw material for furniture production. In addition, it is more flexible than teak but more durable than cherry. They can last for about 15 to 25 years if used as furniture pieces. One illustration of these is the TaoHFE Nesting Coffee Tables Set of 2, which can last longer. It has sturdy wooden legs in white.

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This multi-purpose set is easy to utilize. They’re lightweight, compact, space-saving, and simple to move around. You can use these tables for a table for your coffee or side table, or dining table in your home.

Rubberwood Furniture Disadvantages? Are There Any?

Despite all the good things you can say about rubberwood, there are still a few downsides. What are the main negatives? One of the disadvantages of rubberwood is that it’s only suitable for indoor usage. If you’re searching for outdoor furniture, steer clear of wood and go elsewhere. Another drawback of wood is its tendency to bend and crack during drying. Additionally, it can have an unnatural appearance after the wood is dry.

Conclusion – What Is Rubber Wood? Is Rubber Wood Furniture Good?

To summarize, what exactly is rubberwood? Is rubber wood furniture good? Rubberwood is part of the family of maple trees. As you may know, maple is a kind of wood used to make furniture and other wood products. That means that rubberwood is an extremely durable wood suitable for making furniture. It is pliable robust, sturdy, and resistant to bacteria, molds, and fungi. Though its coarse and hefty grains aren’t suitable for furniture of high quality, it is great for creating affordable pieces, such as industrial furniture.

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