Types of Wood for Furniture-3 Main Types

Types of Wood for Furniture
If you’re planning on purchasing furniture made from wood, It is crucial to know the various types of wood for furniture. So what are the various types of furniture wood? The three main kinds of wood used in furniture are softwood, hardwood, and engineered or manufactured wood. Furniture made from hardwood is the most beautiful and the most sturdy. Again, furniture made from softwood comes with distinctive characteristics. However, Engineered wood or manufactured wood provides the most quality and durability. The most suitable wood for furniture construction is hardwood. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain hardwood. That is why the wood industry developed engineered wood to fill the gap. But, just like furniture made of softwood, engineered or manufactured woods aren’t as sturdy and long-lasting as hardwood. Learn more about the various types of wood used to build furniture, their unique characteristics, and the top woods to use for furniture.

Types of Wood for Furniture

The three primary kinds of wood used in furniture construction include softwood, hardwood, and engineered or manufactured wood. Hardwoods are stronger than softwood. Manufactured wood is produced by combining and processing separate wood components to form a wooden board.

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Hardwoods are the most difficult of the three types due to the structure of their wood being much more intricate. Softwoods’ structure isn’t as intricate, so they’re “softer. The main difference between hardwoods from softwoods is the vessels or pores within their structure. The type of wood used comes from deciduous trees. Most of these trees develop slowly.


About 80% of worldwide timber production is derived from softwoods. Most of these timbers originate out of regions in the Baltic region, including Russia and Scandinavia, as well as other countries such as China or North America. Softwoods are lighter than hardwoods. They are used for finishing timber, structural carcassing timber, and furniture production. Softwoods originate from coniferous or evergreen forests, which are more prolific than hardwoods.

Engineered Woods

These are woods made by humans and are also referred to as manufactured woods. They aren’t solid woods, but they are made up of various kinds of woods that are combined to create wooden boards. Humans created manufactured woods because of the decreasing natural wood supply for construction, building, and furniture manufacturing. Engineered wood could reduce the cost of building materials and maximize wood production. Human-made woods are made from timber by-products that can be softwoods or hardwoods. MDF is a kind that is engineered and can be made using recycled wood materials. Plywood, a different human-made wood, is composed of multiple layers of wood, which are then glued together to create wooden boards.

The finest furniture made from wood is made from hardwoods. However, they’re also the most expensive because they last a long time and are becoming more scarce. Softwoods are next in line because they also possess unique characteristics. The most inexpensive furnishings are made from engineered wood. But based on the style and quality, they could also appear elegant and fashionable.

Type of Hardwoods Used for Furniture

Furniture that is beautiful and stylish is constructed of hardwood. That is because these wood grains are distinctive, their colors are stunning, and they last a long time because of their solid structure. Here are a few of the finest hardwoods used in making furniture:


Beech is a strong, heavy wood with small pores and huge medullary Rays. It is used for frames and bent parts from the wood structure. The wood has a smooth, smooth, and even surface, which makes it perfect for making furniture. The quarter-sawn surface of the wood displays an ethereal pattern with silver dots, while its flat-sawn surfaces are usually simple. Beech is also age gracefully. Furniture made from beech can retain its beautiful appearance after many years, provided it is given the proper care and regular maintenance.

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Oak is a kind of wood used for furniture that certain DIYers prefer due to its sturdy and gorgeous wood reputation. In addition, its distinctive appearance and wave-like grain make it perfect for mission-style furniture, crafts, and arts. The beauty of its grains will be more appealing If its surface is treated with an unmistakable surface. If the surface is heavily colored, the surface will get an edgy finish.

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Hickory is thought to be one of the most durable and heavy hardwoods. It is a well-known choice for furniture and flooring. If a construction company requires a strong, thin, and lightweight structure, they’ll likely choose the Hickory wooden piece. The wood is often employed as an ornamental veneer.

Hickory 1
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White Ash

Ashwood is extremely hard and heavy. White Ash is a species that is the most economically important and largest of the sixteen species of Ash tree. It is cultivated throughout America, specifically in the Eastern United States. The color of the surface is light to white, characterized by straight lines. On a scale of 1-10, Ash is from 4 to 5. It is still a breeze to handle. It is frequently used for steam-bent furniture as well as structural frames. The wood is well-suited to glues, stains, and steam bent. It also has excellent finishes. As a result, Ash can produce excellent results regarding hand-crafted and machine-made furniture.

Types of White Ash wood for Furniture
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There are many species of Birch. The most popular and commercially valuable is the yellow Birch. It is also a very heavy wood with fine grains. That is a fantastic choice for furniture making due to its durability and strength. The appearance of reddish and mild brown heartwood is complemented by light or creamy sapwood. The solid hardwood Birch furniture looks classy and elegant.

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The finest wood you can obtain from Redwood is heartwood. That is the portion that is Redwood that is most resistant to moisture and insects. It’s not prone to degrading easily. Its primary color is red, as the name implies. Burl-covered furniture made of Redwood the furniture is quite costly. The burls have a “cluster of eyes” that are very uncommon, which is why they are valuable.

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Mahogany is also a great furniture option because it looks gorgeous yet is not costly. In addition, mahogany’s hue can range from deep red to reddish brown. The material has medium-textured as well as straight grain. On ten scales, the hardness ranges from one to five. It also takes stains well. Finally, if you apply an oil coat, it will look amazing.

Types of MAHOGANY for Furniture
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Walnut is another wood with straight grain. The color ranges from brown to yellow. On a scale of 10, it is a hardness of one to five. It is also simple for you to use. However, the wood’s natural source is shrinking. Therefore, when it comes to furniture manufacturing, it is frequently used for inlays or accents to decorate furniture pieces.

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Type of Softwoods Used for Furniture

Furniture made from softwood is beautiful and has distinct characteristics. Here are four kinds of furniture woods that are commonly used in the construction of furniture:


Pine is a soft wood that is whitish with knots of brown or yellowish in hue. It’s beautiful and is of great value. Furniture made from pine adds an authentic look to a space. That is that it is mainly used in homes with a country style. However, it is also commonly used to create furniture sets with past themes. When furniture made of pine is utilized for a long time, it develops a rustic and beautiful patina. The wood is also resilient to shrinking and swelling. Every piece of wood is distinctive due to the unique nature of wood grains. Pine furniture can also mix with other kinds of furniture.

Types of PINE Wood for Furniture
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Firwood is also a good option for furniture, specifically those that are outdoor. Firwood is perfect for constructing tables, ottomans, and table tops for picnic tables and outdoor chairs. In addition, this wood isn’t likely affected by moisture or the surrounding environment. It is not prone to warping out of shape or drying out and shrinking. Fir is among the strongest softwoods and is suitable for creating outdoor furniture pieces. It will keep its original shape and size over the years.

Types of firwood for Furniture
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Spruce wood is light wood and is typically bright in color. The color could change from yellowish-white into reddish-white upon exposure to the elements. The darkest color it could change to is yellowish-brown. The surface of the stone is decorated with delicately striped grains. Knotholes on the wood are visible occasionally. If the wood is planned, it will get dull and shiny. Spruce wood is also sturdy and has a high capacity for load-bearing as construction lumber. However, it isn’t weatherproof and therefore can be used only indoors and not outdoors for furniture.


Bamboo is a piece of softwood furniture since it is used to create exquisite furniture pieces and decorative accents for indoor construction, such as walls, ceilings, and decorative art. Bamboo is widely known for its green properties and beautiful blonde hue. Bamboo is grass that is not a species of tree. However, when properly treated, its properties can be comparable to other softwoods to build furniture and other construction uses. A study has been conducted on the strength of its tensile. A study revealed that the tensile strength of bamboo is three times higher than the standard construction grade natural wood. So if you’re environmentally conscious, bamboo is the perfect item of furniture. The types of wood that you can utilize for furniture include:

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  • Hardwood
  • Softwood
  • Engineered Wood

The name implies that hardwood is stronger than softwood. Likewise, a block of manufactured wood is the product of making wood materials into boards.

Types of Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is also manufactured as it was created naturally but through man’s work. The typical human-made wood is comprised consisting of two different wood materials. Its topmost layer is generally composed of a thin layer of real wood, and the base layer is wood composite. The composite is typically composed of wood fibers.


Plywood is the oldest form of wood that is manufactured. It is composed of three pieces of plied wood joined with adhesive.

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Particleboard is the most recent kind that is engineered wooden. It is also known as fiberboard. The woods that are manufactured are made from tiny wood chips. These wood chips have been made into large wood pieces left over from construction and furniture. You can use a wood chipper to break down the remaining wood pieces into small fibers. Finally, the wood fibers are combined using adhesive to form particle boards.

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The Best Type of Wood for Furniture

The most suitable raw material to make furniture is still wood. It is a natural material that efficiently combines beauty, strength, and durability. There is no other kind of wood that has the same qualities. But, it’s becoming harder to obtain hardwoods native to their habitat. Thus, your requirement for the finest wood to build furniture will be contingent upon your ability to find the materials, their overall quality, and their durability. Unfortunately, softwood isn’t as durable as hardwood. Manufactured lumber can be made as durable and stylish as it is; however, it isn’t able to surpass hardwood when it comes to durability. Therefore, it’s a hardwood most suitable for furniture production.

The Most Inexpensive Wood for Furniture

The cheapest material to buy furniture from is pine. It is beautiful and fairly durable when you care for it correctly. The pine trees also grow rapidly. That is why we will also never run out of the supply of pinewood, whether it is for furniture or construction. Pine is also easy to work with due to its softness. It is possible to make these:

Wood was traditionally used to construct log homes since the beginning of time.

Conclusion: Types of Woods for Furniture

Three types of wood used for furniture are hardwood, softwood, and engineered or human-made wood. Furniture made from hardwood is among the most luxurious and long-lasting. On the other hand, furniture made of softwood has particular characteristics. The cheapest and most versatile wood used for furniture manufacturing is manufactured or engineered wood. If the method that it was created is rigorous enough and the wood employed is of high-quality human-made wood has the potential to be compared to hardwoods for quality and beauty.

If you decide to go for hardwood flooring, there are a few options available:

  • Beech
  • Oak
  • Hickory
  • White Ash
  • Birch
  • Redwood
  • Mahogany
  • Walnut

On the other hand, your options for softwood are as follows:

  • Pine
  • Fir
  • Spruce
  • Bamboo

In the final instance, you may pick between particleboard and plywood for produced wood.

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