Small Dressers for Bedrooms: The Perfect Storage Solution

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A smaller dresser is a practical and fashionable space-saving solution to store clothes in. It can make space for smaller spaces and keep clothes in order and within easy reach. This article will discuss the advantages of having a smaller dresser in your bedroom, the different kinds available today, and how to style it to look stylish and functional.

If you’re searching for an upright dresser or one with drawers, we’ve covered it with our top small bedroom dressers. Check out the list to learn more!

Benefits of Having a Small Dresser in Your Bedroom


A small dresser for bedrooms could offer many advantages, including storage space. A small dresser can efficiently store your clothes without taking up too much space within your room. In addition, smaller dressers are simple to move around, so they can be placed in any home space.

A few dressers have built-in drawers to provide extra storage space for clothing and accessories. This is a perfect option for those who want to get rid of clutter in their home yet still have plenty of space to store their possessions. Due to their compact dimensions and various features, small dressers could be the ideal storage solution for every home.

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There are many advantages of having a tiny dressing table in the bedroom, which includes better organization. By providing a dedicated storage area for your clothes, a smaller dresser will help you easily locate what you’re searching for and help keep your clothing organized.

In addition to larger items, such as shirts and pants, a small dresser is a good storage solution for smaller items, such as undergarments. This will help you separate these items from other clothes, making it easier to find them whenever needed.

A modest dresser can make a fantastic accessory to any bedroom, regardless of design or décor. With a range of finishes and styles offered, you’ll be able to find a dresser that is perfect for your personal preferences and matches the design in your room.


A smaller dresser is a good alternative for bedroom storage solutions. It’s not just ample space for storing items and clothes; it can also serve other functions. A small dresser can serve as a nightstand or desk, making it a useful feature for any room.

One of the most significant advantages of a small dresser is its flexibility. It can be utilized in many ways based on your preferences and needs. If you require more storage space or something to place the lamp in your bedroom or a bedside lamp, a dresser of a smaller size can be the answer. Its compact dimensions make it simple to move and put in various areas within your residence. If you’re looking for the perfect storage in your bedroom, consider buying a small dresser.

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Types of Small Dressers

Vertical Dressers

Small dressers are the best option for finding the best storage solution for your bedroom. One kind of smaller dresser which is very popular with people who live in the area is the vertical one. These dressers are made to make the most of space using slim and tall designs.

Vertical dressers aren’t just perfect for storing clothes; they also work well when you are limited in the area in your bedroom. With a wide range of sizes and styles, it is possible to find one which is the best fit to meet your needs. Some models come with built-in shelves and drawers, making them simple and convenient for storage. A vertical dresser could be the perfect solution if you require additional storage space for your clothes or need to make your bedroom more organized.

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Dressers with Mirrors

Mirrored small dressers can be the perfect storage option for bedrooms with small spaces. They offer ample storage space to store clothing and serve as a vanity space. Many dressers are equipped with several shelves and drawers that assist in organizing your possessions.

When picking a small dresser, it is essential to pick one with a neutral color scheme that doesn’t overpower your bedroom. Choosing one with wheels or handles that are easy to grip is also crucial to make it easy to move and access your clothing. In light of these aspects, an incredibly small dresser with mirrors can be the ideal way to make the most of the storage space in any bedroom.

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Drawer Dressers

In the case of small bedroom dressers, drawer dressers are an ideal choice for those seeking to make the most of storage space. Drawer dressers provide a wide range of storage options. These include several drawers as well as a huge storage space. This makes them ideal for storing clothes and accessories in a small bedroom.

Alongside their practicality, They are also available in various designs and colors. This lets you pick one that matches you personally and the overall design and style you want to create in your space.

When choosing a dresser, be sure to take into consideration your personal preferences and preferences. Consider the storage space you require and what kind of dresser best suits your bedroom decor. If you choose the right one, an upholstered dresser with drawers can be the ideal storage solution for your tiny bedroom.

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Solid Wood Dressers

In the case of bedroom dressers, small solid wood dressers are a preferred option for homeowners. These dressers are well-known for their quality and durability and are long-lasting storage solutions. Solid wood dressers are available in various colors and styles, allowing you to modify the look to fit your home’s decor. Most furniture made of solid wood is constructed out of materials such as oak or maple, which are sturdy and resistant to insects and moisture.

A solid wood dresser is a versatile storage solution that looks great in your bedroom. Its strength and beauty make it a worthy investment lasting for years.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Small Dresser

Size and Dimensions

If you’re looking to purchase small dressers to decorate your room, then there are many important things to bear in your mind. One of the primary aspects to consider is the dimensions and size of your dresser. Dressers that are too big or small may not be suitable in bedrooms.

When picking a dresser with a small size, it is essential to take into consideration the capacity of storage and arrangement. Pick a dresser that offers enough space to hold clothing and other things without taking up the entire space. In addition, you should consider the dresser’s width and height to ensure it is a good fit for your space.

The bottom line is that choosing the perfect smaller dresser to fit in your bedroom will offer you the perfect storage solution and add an element of fashion to your interior. Make sure you think about these things when making your selection.

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If you choose a dresser for a small space to put in your bedroom, it is important to consider its materials. A classic and timeless choice is wooden dressers that add character and warmth to any room. But these dressers might only suit some bedroom’s dimensions or styles.

Metal dressers are an option that is popular because they are sturdy and frequently resistant to rust. This makes them a fantastic option for children’s bedrooms, where durability is crucial. Metal dressers are available in various styles and colors, so you can pick one that matches your current design.

Plastic dressers are another common option due to their lightweight and move effortlessly. They’re ideal for smaller spaces and can be used for storage solutions or as permanent fixtures for your bedroom.

The material you select will be based on your tastes as well as the particular needs of your home.

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Style and Design

When selecting a dresser for a small space in your bedroom, style, and design are crucial factors. Small dressers are available in a wide range of styles, from traditional and contemporary, which means you can pick one that is in keeping with the style of your bedroom. In addition, many small dressers are offered in various styles and colors, offering you more options to pick one that suits your design.

Another aspect to consider when selecting a small dresser is the storage capacity. You should ensure enough drawers for all your accessories and clothing. But you want it to consume only a little space within your home.

Small dressers are available at various costs, so you can pick the one that suits your budget. If you’re searching for a designer-style item or a budget-friendly choice, plenty of dressers for small spaces can fit any style and budget.

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When deciding on an appropriate dresser to put in your bedroom, a crucial aspect to consider is the shade. Pick an affordable dresser that matches the walls in your bedroom to create a pleasing appearance. Also, pick an item with an easy design constructed from natural materials like wood or MDF.

To make sure you’ve made the best decision, look up online reviews to see other people’s opinions about the dressers with small sizes available. This will help reduce your options and pick one suitable for your needs and budget. Also, be sure to choose a dresser that’s appropriate for the size of your bedroom and allows for easy storage of your clothes and other accessories.

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Best Small Dressers for Bedrooms

Photo Product Price Buy
Prepac Sonoma 5-Drawer...image Prepac Sonoma 5-Drawer Chest for Bedroom, 16" D x 31.5" W x 45.25" H, Black $165.99 Buy On Amazon
South Shore Vito...image South Shore Vito Collection 5-Drawer Dresser, 16.88"D x 31.5"W x 48.75"H, Pure White with Matte Nickel Handles $212.20 Buy On Amazon
Ameriwood Home Skyler...image Ameriwood Home Skyler 3 Drawer Dresser with Cubbies, White Buy On Amazon
Prepac Sonoma Bedroom...image Prepac Sonoma Bedroom Furniture: Black Double Dresser for Bedroom, 6-Drawer Wide Chest of Drawers, Traditional Bedroom Dresser, BDC-6330-V, 59"W x 16"D x 29"H $204.99 Buy On Amazon
Prepac Monterey 6...image Prepac Monterey 6 Drawer Tall Chest For Bedroom, Dresser, 17.75" D x 23.25" W x 53" H, White $164.69 Buy On Amazon
Walker Edison 3...image Walker Edison 3 Drawer Mid Century Modern Wood Dresser Bedroom Storage Drawer and Shelf Bedside End Table, 3 Drawer, Walnut Buy On Amazon
AWQM 4 White...image AWQM 4 White Drawer Dressers for Bedroom, Wooden Chest of 4 Drawers, Modern Wide Storage File Cabinet Unit Nightstand for Bedroom, Office, Living Room (White) $90.99 Buy On Amazon
Decor Therapy Mid...image Decor Therapy Mid Century Six Drawer Wood Cabinet Accent Chest (28" x 29") and Mid Century 1-Drawer Wood Side Table $308.67 Buy On Amazon
Sorbus Dresser with...image Sorbus Dresser with 7 Drawers - Chest Organizer Tower Unit with Steel Frame, Wood Top, Easy Pull Fabric Bins - Storage Furniture for Bedroom, Hallway, Closet & Office Organization $66.99 Buy On Amazon
SONGMICS Dresser for...image SONGMICS Dresser for Bedroom, Chest of Drawers, 6 Drawer Dresser, Closet Fabric Dresser with Metal Frame, Wooden Top and Front, Brown and Black ULGS23H $67.22 Buy On Amazon
Furinno Tidur Simple...image Furinno Tidur Simple Design Dresser, 3-Drawer Handle, French Oak Grey $124.13 Buy On Amazon

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated on this page and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed at the purchase time will apply to this product.

 Sonoma Tall 5-Drawer Chest

Are you looking for the perfect small dresser to decorate your bedroom? Consider The Prepac Sonoma Tall Five-Drawer Chest. This storage solution is versatile and suitable for big and small bedrooms and is constructed from top-quality wood for durability and long-term durability.

The Sonoma Tall 5 Drawer Chest has a range of drawers ideal for storing linens, clothing, and other necessities. In addition, the dresser comes with two shelves that are ideal for storing books, toys, and other ornamental items.

Image Source:

Amazon Buy 19 2

South Shore Vito Collection 5-Drawer Dresser

If you’re searching for the ideal small dresser for your bedroom, The South Shore Vito Collection 5-Drawer Dresser is worth looking into. The sleek and functional dresser has five drawers ideal for storing linens, clothing, and other household items. The construction of the wood is strong and is finished with a distressed appearance which adds the character of any room.

This dresser does not only have plenty of storage space, but it also features an attractive design that will match any style of décor. If you want a modern or traditional bedroom, this South Shore Vito Collection 5-Drawer Dresser will look great in any room. Overall the dresser is an excellent choice for those who require ample storage space for their tiny bedroom but still want to look stylish.

South Shore
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Amazon Buy 19 2

Ameriwood Home Skyler 3-Drawer Dresser

If you’re looking for an affordable dresser for your bedroom, then the Ameriwood Home Skyler 3 Drawer Dresser is a fantastic choice. The stylish and practical dresser has three drawers ideal for storing clothing, accessories, or linens. In addition, if you want less space for storage, The Skyler can also be found with two drawers.

Built from hardwood and decorated with a distressed finish, This dresser gives a rustic appeal to any bedroom. This Skyler 3 Drawer Dresser is not just practical but also visually appealing and is sure to improve the style of your space.

Image Source:

Amazon Buy 19 2

Sonoma 6 Drawer Double Dresser for Bedroom

The Sonoma Six Drawer Double Dresser is a fantastic option if you’re searching for the ideal storage solution for your tiny bedroom. The dresser is unique in its design that lets it accommodate any space, which makes it ideal for bedrooms with smaller spaces.

With its stylish design and plenty of storage space, The Sonoma 6 Drawer Double Dresser is the ideal choice for bedrooms of all sizes. If you’re trying to cut down on space or need an attractive and practical storage solution, This dresser is guaranteed to satisfy your requirements.

Amazon Buy 19 2

Prepac Monterey 6 Drawer Dresser For Bedroom

One of the top small dressing tables for the bedroom is Prepac Monterey 6 Drawer Dresser. This dresser is ideal for rooms with limited space due to its small size and sleek contemporary style. It has six drawers for storage that can store everything you need to store in your wardrobe and other essentials for the bedroom.

Its Prepac Monterey 6-Drawer Dresser is constructed of high-quality wood. It’s 30 inches wide by 19 inches deep and 42 inches high. It’s simple to put together and includes an Allen key, and you’ll be able to have it up and running within minutes.

Prepac Monterey
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Amazon Buy 19 2

Walker Edison 3 Drawer Mid Century Modern Wood Dresser

If you’re searching for an elegant and practical dresser for your bedroom, The Three Drawer Walker Edison Mid-Century Modern Wood Dresser is a great choice. The contemporary dresser has distinctive wood finishes that add a touch of class to any space. The large drawers are easy to access and are used to store clothing or accessories and other personal items.

Alongside its practical design In addition to its practical design, in addition to its practical design, the Walker Edison 3 Drawer Mid Century Modern Wood Dresser is extremely light and simple to move around. This makes it perfect for smaller areas with flexible and adaptable furniture. If you are looking for the best dresser with design and function, this Walker Edison 3-Drawer Mid Century Modern Wood Dresser is worth a look.

Walker Edison
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Amazon Buy 19 2

AWQM 4 White Drawer Dressers for Bedroom

If you’re searching for the ideal dresser that fits your bedroom, the AWQM 4-drawer dressers are an excellent alternative. They have a modern design and ample storage options for clothes, accessories, and other things. Their simple assembly and various sizes can be placed into any room design.

Alongside their usefulness, They are also simple to clean and maintain. They are covered by a lifetime guarantee, which means you’ll have the chance to use the furniture for many years. The AWQM 4-drawer dressers blend functionality with design and make them an excellent option for those looking for a functional storage solution for their bedroom.

Small Dresser For Bedrooms
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Amazon Buy 19 2

Decor Therapy Mid Century 6-Drawer Wood Accent Chest

This Decor Therapy Mid Century 6-Drawer Wood Accent Chest is a chic and practical small dresser ideal for all sizes of bedrooms. It is constructed of high-quality wood. This chest is minimalist in style, which adds look and character to any space. The natural, beautiful finish makes an elegant look that will never get out of fashion.

It is simple to utilize and lets you organize your clothes in a manner that’s efficient and practical. With six drawers, there’s plenty of space to store the necessities. If you require additional underwear and socks storage or want to keep your jewelry in order, the small dresser has plenty of space. Overall it is a great choice. Decor Therapy Mid Century 6-Drawer Wood Accent Chest is among the top small dressers for bedrooms available on the market currently.

Decor Therapy
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Amazon Buy 19 2

Sorbus Dresser with Drawers Furniture Storage Tower Unit

If you’re searching for an affordable bedroom dresser, the Sorbus Dresser with Drawers is an excellent choice. The furniture tower has several drawers, providing plenty of space to store clothes and other objects. It is made of wood and has a natural wood grain with an aged look that fits any bedroom decor.

One major benefit of this cabinet is its small dimensions, making it a fantastic alternative to big dressers that consume too much space in small bedrooms. Despite its small size, it is still a great choice. Sorbus Dresser with Drawers has an overall weight capacity of 220 pounds, which makes it durable enough to support everything you require.

Amazon Buy 19 2

SONGMICS Dresser for Bedroom, Chest of Drawers

If you’re searching for small dressers in your bedroom, the SONGMICS Dresser is a fantastic choice. With three drawers and a mirror, it offers plenty of storage space for clothing and other things while being small enough to fit into a smaller space. The dresser is made of high-quality wood, coated with an oil-based, natural finish that makes it strong and attractive.

This SONGMICS Dresser is ideal for maximizing closet space without sacrificing style or function. It is perfect for arranging your wardrobe or storing your things.

Image Source:

Amazon Buy 19 2

Furinno Tidur Simple Design Dresser, 3-Drawer Handle

If you’re looking for the ideal small dresser for your bedroom, look at this Furinno Tidur simple-design Dresser. The wooden dresser has a minimalist design that is practical and fashionable. It is a great option for those with limited space, as it is available in three sizes.

This Tidur Basic Design Dresser is easy to set up and has an integrated drawer system ideal for storing clothing and other items. The 3-drawer handle design offers plenty of storage space and adds a perfect touch of class to any space. Overall, the Furinno Tidur Basic Style Dresser is the ideal space-saving solution if you’re searching for an affordable yet stylish dresser.

Image Source:

Amazon Buy 19 2

Tips for Styling Small Dressers in Your Bedroom

Using Trays and Baskets

Adding a handful of baskets and trays could make a huge difference if you want to style the dresser in your room. These accessories will assist in keeping your dresser organized and make the room feel more spacious and airy. Since smaller dressers usually lack storage space, using baskets and trays to store items can help create space for clothes.

Trays and baskets are ideal for storing items like hats, jewelry, and other items that could get lost in bigger drawers. When choosing trays and baskets, ensure they’re the proper size to fit your dresser and storage requirements. Incorporating these items into your modest dresser set-up will create an attractive and functional space-saving solution for your bedroom.

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Adding Decorative Knobs and Pulls

One method to style smaller dressers for your room is to add ornamental knobs, pulls, and knobs. This easy addition will help enhance your bedroom’s decor and add character to your wardrobe. A few popular choices for decorative pulls are geometric designs, animal prints, and polka dots; however, the options are limitless.

Another trick for styling small dressers is to put them in drawer slides. These will make getting your clothes out and dressing much easier at the beginning of the day. With the slide, you can easily access your drawers without fighting with stiff or sticky drawers.

Overall, small dressers make great storage solutions for bedrooms because they give plenty of space and are fashionable and practical. By adding attractive knobs and pulls and making slides for drawers, you can transform your dresser into an eye-catching piece in your bedroom while making it easier to use.

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Image Source: West Elm

Incorporating Greenery and Artwork

The styling of a small dresser in the bedroom is an issue. However, following some tips can turn it into the ideal storage solution. Adding greenery and art is one of the best ways to style your small dresser. Adding freshly cut flowers or framed artwork is ideal for dressing the dresser and making it look more like the bedroom.

When picking the plants to plant to decorate your dresser, think about the plants that are in season and feature solid colors and forms. This will allow them to stand out and bring interest to the space. Use only a few decorative pieces to avoid taking up too much space and altering the cabinet’s appearance.

If you do not have paintings or plants, consider buying fashionable storage containers to store all your clothing. This will organize your dresser and add style to your bedroom. Following these suggestions, you can transform your modest dresser into a chic and practical element of your bedroom’s décor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a smaller dresser known as?

A small dresser is usually called a chest of drawers or an office. They have a smaller footprint and fewer drawers than bigger dressers, making them an ideal storage solution for bedrooms with smaller spaces or apartments. To maximize space for storage, search for options with several shelves or drawers.

What should you put in your bedroom if you don’t require an armoire?

If you don’t want the dressing table in the bedroom, you have a variety of other storage options you can consider. Storage boxes under the bed or hanging organizers are great alternatives for storing clothes and other items.

A bookshelf could store clothes folded neatly or in small decorative baskets. If you have space, an armoire or wardrobe could offer additional storage space for clothes.

Think about reducing your possessions and only keeping the things you need to minimize the need for storage. That will maintain your bedroom clean and provide a serene and tranquil space.

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What are the Different Types of Bedroom Storage?

There are a variety of bedroom storage choices that you can pick from. Dressers are the most popular option for storing clothing and other accessory items. Wardrobes can accommodate larger items, such as hanging clothes. Under-bed storage is a fantastic alternative for storing items that are only sometimes utilized.

Closet organizers are also extremely useful in maximizing space and keeping things in order. With these different storage options, you can ensure that your bedroom is clutter-free and useful.

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Can you paint a dresser in a smaller size for the bedroom?

It’s feasible to color a tiny dresser in your bedroom. Clean your dresser’s surface before sanding any rough areas. Applying a primer before painting will help ensure more coverage and adhesion. Choose a paint suitable for furnishings and apply it in even, thin coats. This will give you an even, smooth finish that will look stunning in your bedrooms.

Are dressers cluttered in the bedroom?

Dressers are a great storage space in bedrooms and can also function as an attractive pieces of furniture. You should select the dimensions and design of the dresser based on the space’s layout and your personal preferences.

Whether or not dressing tables are necessary depends on your preferences and storage requirements. If you require additional storage space and need a dresser, it could be a fantastic accessory to the space. On the other hand, if you already have plenty of storage space, you may not need the dresser, which could create unnecessary space.

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Small dressers are an efficient and stylish way to store things in your bedrooms. They are compact and efficient, allowing ample space to store your clothes and other accessories. When selecting a dresser for small spaces, consider size, material, style, and color. With various choices, including vertical dressers, mirrors, and solid wooden dressers, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes.

To improve the appearance of your dresser, you can consider adding ornamental knobs and pulls or adding art and greenery. Look through our list of the top bedroom dressers that are small and begin the journey to a well-organized and attractive area.

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