Sheesham Wood Facts and Why It’s Used for Furniture

Sheesham Wood

Disclosure: We could earn commissions from purchases made using the links on this page. You have likely seen furniture made of Sheesham wood but didn’t realize it. Sheesham wood has become a well-known raw material used to make furniture throughout the globe, particularly in India.

This article covers Sheesham wood basics and why it’s used to make furniture. Sheesham wood originates from the Sheesham tree, often called the Indian rosewood tree.

It is a higher-priced type of wood since it is durable, hard, and extremely resistant to pests like termites. Because it is sturdy and long-lasting, it’s an ideal raw material for constructing furniture doors, windows, and door frames.

Learn more about Sheesham and its purpose in creating beautiful furniture. Also, look at this gorgeous Sheesham wooden bench that is ideal indoors and outdoors. It is made from Sheesham and galvanized iron for a long-lasting and unique addition to your living space.

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What Is Sheesham Wood?

Sheesham wood originates from the Sheesham plant, also known as”the Indian rosewood tree. It is sometimes known as the penny leaf tree or the Dalbergia sissoo. The tree is native to India and has some locations in the sub-Himalayan region. Its unique qualities make it a sought-after commodity across the globe as a great material for creating furniture pieces like tables, cabinets, and sofa frames.

It is common for Sheesham wood furniture to last for a long time. Apart from these final products, You can also use Sheesham Wood for lumber. However, exports of wood are heavily restricted due to the large demand.

Although Punjab in India officially recognizes the Sheesham tree as its tree, its native United States doesn’t widely sell the wood it produces, except for specific products and arts and crafts. As a source of wood, it ranks second in India concerning its economic significance.

Image Source: Hindustan Times

Type of Wood

Sheesham is often referred to as wood. Furniture made from this kind of wood will likely last longer than the normal human lifespan. In addition, Sheesham wood is ideal for DIY furniture makers since it is less difficult to use and will not easily wear out wood-cutting tools.

Natural Color

The natural color of Sheesham wood varies between dark and golden. Sometimes, the wood can display a chestnut hue and be accompanied by darker streaks. That gives Sheesham wood the appearance of a luxurious and glossy look.

However, the most intriguing thing about Sheesham Wood is that there aren’t two pieces that appear identical.

Solid Wood
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Quality and Texture

It is extremely durable and durable. The grain is usually straight, though these can be interlocked in a few places. The wood texture is natural and luster-like and can vary between coarse and medium. That made it a sought-after building material, particularly in India.

The strength and beauty of Sheesham make it an ideal material for furniture construction. It is most sought-after for its unique two-tone color and wood grain. It is the reason it is higher priced as compared to mango wood. It’s also simpler for you, making it an ideal material for making furniture.

Additionally, the toughness and strength of the wood make it resistant to termites in dry wood pests, splitting, and warping. The heartwood of the wood is durable and strong-built. That is why it is also used for creating plywood and wood veneers and plywood, as well as for boatbuilding and floorings.

It is also used for wood carvings as well as musical instruments.

Sheesham Wood Facts

We have already answered, ‘What exactly is Sheesham wood?’ Now let’s look at other information about Sheesham wood. Here are some interesting facts to increase your awareness and appreciation of this wood.
Sheesham wood, also known as Indian rosewood, grows in India, Nepal, and Pakistan. It is extremely dense and heavy hardwood used for various woodwork in the areas where it is found, such as furniture, window panels, and sheets of wood.
Sheesham wood can be dark or golden brown and has light brown or white sapwood streaks. It is easy to work with due to its ability to move and can be easily turned and glued.
Sheesham wood is a useful raw material for producing paper and building boats. However, it can hold some moisture and is not as strong and resistant to moisture as other woods, making it less commonly used as flooring in areas where rain is common.

Is Sheesham Wood Good Quality Wood?

Here are a few advantages of Sheesham wood that make it suitable for furniture and other wooden items.

  • It isn’t split or warp easily, which makes it perfect for cabinet building.
  • It is made up of grains that are clearly defined.
  • It can take a nice polish that makes furniture made of Sheesham show polished finishes with a shiny luster.
  • It is resistant to decay, which makes it an ideal raw material for engraving and carving wood.
  • The strength and durability of Sheesham wood make it ideal for turning.
  • It produces marine and aircraft plywood music instruments, sporting items, and ornamental turnery.
  • It is wood that lasts long and is extremely resistant to dry wood termites.

Sheesham wood is more durable and stronger than oak; however, it’s less expensive. That makes Sheesham Wood the better choice for those on a tight budget. In addition, this wood requires very little maintenance, which makes it an extremely cost-effective raw material.

Thus, durability and cost are two primary reasons people purchase furniture made from Sheesham wood. Check out the video below for additional information and the advantages of Sheesham wood:

Is Sheesham Wood Good for Furniture Making?

Three reasons why Sheesham wood is great for making furniture.

It Is Very Easy to Work With

This wood is compatible with all sorts of machinery, woodworking glues, and finishes. That is one of the reasons it is a popular material in the furniture industry.

Sheesham Wood chair
Image Source: Amazon

It Looks Great

The wood is a nice natural color mix of golden brown and deep brown. The grain is interlocked, making it sturdy and durable. Sheesham also has natural wood markings that appear in dark streaks.

It Is Very Durable

It is impervious to natural decay and does not easily crack or warp. Sheesham wood can also be resistant to dry termites.

Popular Sheesham Wood Furniture

Here are five of Amazon’s most popular Sheesham wood furniture items. If you’re thinking of purchasing furniture made of Sheesham wood, one of the items listed below will make a great choice for your home.

Hillsdale Emerson 7 Piece Dining Set in Natural Sheesham

Sheesham Wood Table
Image Source: Amazon

The dining table is made of Sheesham wood with rustic finishes. It can be a wonderful centerpiece in your living space:

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Its natural-hewn edges emit a sense of the natural world. It also has stunning wood grains within this dining table made of Sheesham wood that shows off its natural wood source.

Timbergirl Sheesham Wood Bench

Sheesham Double Pipe Bench
Image Source: Amazon

This bench made of Sheesham wood comes from the industrial collection by Timbergirl. This collection includes industrial galvanized and solid Sheesham wood pieces that create a unique furniture selection.

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Hand-crafted artisans made the bench with solid Sheesham hardwood and hand-forged iron. The bench will create an edgy and contemporary look in your living space.

Hillsdale Furniture Rectangular Dining Table

 The manufacturer made the dining tables using Sheesham wood and metallic materials, which give the tables a stunning and unique wood grain. The manufacturer added natural-hewn edges and a powder coat edging to the tables.

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The table’s dimensions measure 80 inches long, 39 inches wide, and 30 inches tall. Its weight of 164 pounds. It also requires assembly.

Coaster Jamestown Dining Table

The wood dining table made of Sheesham will add elegance and grace to your living space. It’s part of Coaster Jamestown’s transitional dining collections, which feature the Live Edge design.

Sheesham Wood Furniture
Image Source: Amazon

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The table has a beautiful gray finish emphasizing the timber’s grain. It also comes with a sturdy table base with a metallic black finish. You need to assemble this furniture.

Porter Designs Sheesham Accents End Table

This piece of Sheesham is made to be a Taos side-chair table. It is a perfect end table. It is a great piece to use as a small piece of furniture for storage in your living area or near the recliner.

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There’s a deep drawer on this table. It is equipped with black metal hardware pull. Another shelf in the lower part allows you to keep books and magazines. The natural imperfections of the wood create a unique piece of furniture.

Wood dining table
Image Source: Amazon

How to Care for Sheesham Wood Furniture

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of your Sheesham furniture for a long time, it is important to be responsible for taking care of it and maintaining it. While this wood is durable and tough, it is still important to take care of it. Here are some suggestions to care for this kind of furniture made from wood.

  • Use heatproof mats and coasters before placing any cup or other container containing hot liquids or substances on the top of the furniture.
  • We regularly polish furniture made from Sheesham wood thrice yearly to preserve its original style and shine.
  • Make sure to dust the furniture often. Dusting prevents debris and dust from collecting in the nooks and crevices of furniture.
  • Don’t expose furniture made of wood to temperatures that are too high.
  • Avoid placing furniture made of Sheesham in direct sunlight or near fireplaces.
  • Before placing anything over the Sheesham wood furniture, cover it with a soft cloth. It protects the wood’s surface from scratching or scratch marks.

Conclusion – Sheesham Wood

To summarize, what exactly is Sheesham timber? Sheesham wood originates from the Sheesham tree, often called the Indian rosewood tree. It is extremely durable and tough. Sheesham wood can be more expensive because it resists termites and pests.

Since it is sturdy and long-lasting, it’s ideal for constructing various furniture pieces, including tables, benches, and chairs. Sheesham wood is ideal to use for furniture construction due to these reasons:

  • It doesn’t warp or break easily, which makes it perfect for cabinet construction.
  • It has clearly defined, well-defined grains.
  • It displays polish beautifully. Furniture made of Sheesham wood has sleek finishes and a shine.
  • It’s resistant to decay, which makes it perfect for wood carving and engraving.
  • You can also use it to make aircraft, marine plywood, sporting equipment, musical instruments, and ornamental turnery.
  • It is a durable wood that is extremely resistant to dry termites.

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