Rugs are among the most common home essentials that you can imagine. But, of course, they’re also the most filthy. It doesn’t matter if your pet spills fur everywhere or is a problematic child with a tendency to cause household damage; carpets have to shoulder the burden. Anyone who’s been faced with filthy carpets is aware of the costs of sending them to a cleaning service. You can trust me when I say that the rugs in my home were long-time sufferers from pets and guests who errantly visit my home. I’ve always wondered whether I could find a resolution for the entire issue. Finally, today, I have the answer, all thanks to Ruggable! Rugs that are druggable have made things easier for me, and I was compelled to share my experiences with you. After reading this information, you’ll want to purchase one for your house. Let’s have a closer look. RUGGABLE Washable Stain Resistant Indoor/Outdoor, Kids, Pets, and Dog-Friendly Area Rug, 8’x10 ‘,…I first came across Ruggable this summer. The more I knew about the brand, the more I was amazed at how amazing it was. That is why I’m first going to talk about Ruggable before diving into the Ruggable products. Ruggable, located in the sunny city of Los Angeles, started its journey in 2010 and has more than ten years of rug-related experience to its credit. The makers established the business to provide high-quality rugs that you could clean at affordable prices. The business has been a success throughout its decade of existence. However, with a loyal clientele and products that speak for their own, Ruggable has come to a considerable distance in a short time with great reason.
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Now, let’s take a general review of the Ruggable rug. Each rug made by the brand is made using an exclusive two-piece rug design: an ultra-light rug cover and an anti-slip rug pad. When they are attached, the two connect seamlessly and without fuss to create the most stunning interior design you can imagine for your house. Ruggable’s carpets come in a range of sizes and styles. With a broad selection of colors, stylish and trendy designs, and international styles ranging from Moroccan to Persian, there’s an option for everyone’s home at Ruggable. Additionally, they offer discount coupons and free shipping, which make their products affordable. In all respects, Ruggable is one of the top home decor brands to be reckoned with. So, as you’re up to date about the brand, I’ll save you time by getting into the review that you’ve been looking forward to.

Why Buy This Product?

When I first was presented to Ruggable, I was a little skeptical. A machine washable rug that’s stain resistant and pet-friendly? The idea appeared too promising to be real. However, once I purchased the product and started using it, I was completely amazed by its range of applications. And I’m confident you’ll be as awed by its capabilities. These are the winning characteristics of this rug. I was completely impressed.

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Easy To Assemble And Use

One of the things that immediately struck me about this product was its user-friendliness. As I’ve mentioned, each Ruggable rug comprises two components: the slip-resistant rug pad and a light rug cover. Both pieces can be simple to put together. It’s as simple as rolling out the pad, then placing the cover on top, and voila! You now have a new rug with the potential of becoming the centerpiece or, at the very least, its gorgeous base.

How does Ruggable create this amazing two-piece device possible? The answer is in the company’s patent-pending Cling Effect technology that keeps the cover firmly attached to the pad. Without getting into the specifics, the best way to describe it is that the two adhere to one another as if they were Velcro. This rug pad is constructed of durable fabric and is warranted to last a long time. I’ve used it in my living area, and the performance has been satisfactory. The product isn’t slipping or moving, and there’s no chance of it shifting from its place.

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The main feature of this product is the attractive rug cover that you can wash in the machine completely. That is more than enough for you to purchase it. Then, when you notice your rug’s becoming filthy, take off the cover and place it into the washing machine. After a few turns and you’ve got an entirely new rug all set to go. How amazing!

The ability to wash Ruggable carpets makes it one of my top choices because it makes the process a breeze. Additionally, they leave your home feeling, looking, and even smelling clean. If that’s not reason enough to purchase one, I don’t know what else is. The washing procedure is simple: take off the cover, wash the machine in cold water, and dry at moderate temperatures. The covers work with all dryer and washer models, so you won’t need to be concerned about damaged fabrics. In addition, you’ll save the expense and hassle of having to take it to the cleaning service.

RUGGABLE Washable Stain Resistant Indoor/Outdoor, Kids, Pets, and Dog-Friendly Area Rug, 8’x10 ‘,

  • Machine washable two-piece rug with a stylish and machine-washable cover for the rug with a cushioned, non-slip rug pad to create a ruggable chic and long-lasting Rug for the area. Put the cover on it.

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Pet and Kid Friendly

If the rug is a target for an arch-enemy, it’s usually the pet in the family. From heated fur sheds to scratches on the claws and other liquid irritants, pets can ruin expensive rugs in a snap. There was nothing you could do. To date, that’s the only way to replace your old rug with one made by Ruggable and watch the magic take place. Apart from being machine-washable Ruggable rugs are also water resistant and stain-proof.

They are ideal for households with pets since they can withstand everyday use and wear associated with regular usage. Additionally, they are secured from kids or guests spilling liquids and other food items. For children, there’s the issue of safety. the traditional rug can slip beneath their feet, causing injuries and accidents. With Ruggable carpets, there’s zero chance of that happening since the non-slip pad offers ample cushioning, protection, and security while also ensuring the rug isn’t moved from its position.

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Made From Sustainable Materials

As an active member of Planet Earth, sustainability is always top of my list of priorities when I purchase items. Ruggable has caught my attention thanks to its environmentally friendly and sustainable designs. Since I can clean and use the rug pad as often as required, I can reduce the expense (and waste) caused by frequently replacing rug pads. Additionally, the pad and rug cover is made of 100% sustainable polyester constructed using recyclable plastic bottles. That is another reason for the brand’s name.

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Unmatched Versatility

Last but not least, I’d like to discuss the variety of each Ruggable rug. Typically, the issue with standard rugs is that they’re only available in basic styles that rarely coincide with the decor of your house. Rugs that are rug-like, in contrast, do not pose an issue. They’re available in various designs and colors, meaning you’re bound to find one suitable for your home.

Furthermore, the attractive and practical design is ideal for every space in your home. Therefore, whether you want to impress guests in your living room or spice up your dining area, There’s a Ruggable rug with its name written. The most appealing thing about the rug is that they’re useable indoors and out, which means you can use them outside the front door or on your patio. That’s flexibility! Stylish, durable, yet environment-friendly, Ruggable rugs have the potential to be a household phenomenon. I’m pleased to have one, and I’d also encourage you to purchase one. You’ll surely love the way it feels beneath your feet.

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What Could’ve Been Better?

I’m happy to report that I’ve not found much to complain about the product to date; however, this could be due to me only making use of it for about six months. One issue I’ve observed is that larger rug covers aren’t fitting into standard-sized washing machines. The washing of the product is difficult. Additionally, I’ve heard from other customers that the stitching of the item isn’t the most robust.


  • 100 100% machine washable
  • Water-resistant and stain-resistant
  • Extremely flexible
  • It is easy to build and utilize
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  • It is difficult to wash the larger rug
  • Poor stitching, according to reports.

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The final question is: should you opt for a rug that is ruggable? I’d say definitely. The company might be new, but they’ve established itself as a leader. The products are innovative as well as versatile, not to mention environment-friendly. I believe a Ruggable rug is better than spending hundreds on a normal rug that’s been used only a few times. So follow my advice, don’t consider it twice before you buy one. You won’t regret it!

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