Black Small Tiny Magnets | Round Brushed Nickel Style for Fridge | Office Dry Erase Board Whiteboard Map | Rare Earth Magnets | Small Magnets for Crafts | Small Circle Magnets | Bulk Magnets Price: $7.49 (as of 12/09/2023 22:45 PST- Details)

💪 STRONG MAGNETS – Our small magnets are made of ferrite with nickel coating. Nickel ferrite gives our small magnets for fridge a very super-paramagnetic strength. These small magnets for crafts are sized 3 mm width and 5 mm length and capable of holding up to 11 sheets of paper. As they’re small strong magnets , they won’t cover up what you’re trying to display and hence are the ideal craft small magnets. These small round magnets comes in set of 30 pieces.
👍 SMALL MAGNETS – This Rare Earth magnets set can be used for everything that includes fastening, lifting, hanging objects, Refrigerator Magnets, Work or Office, or School Classroom. Our small magnets are perfect for Card Making, magnets for whiteboard, small magnets micro magnets ideal for projects of class. Countless Ways to Re-organize and Simplify Your Life with round magnets strong, magnet circles. Organize your tools with mall and strong magnets
⚪ROUND SMALL MAGNETS – Smooth surface of magnets, small flat magnets make easy them to use. These mighty magnets and small magnet can be easily attached and removed, and will not cause wear and tear to your table or refrigerator. Tiny round magnets can be used as refrigerators, whiteboards, and office magnets. This small magnet set can also help you organize your garage, toolbox, and more.