A1HC Natural Coir and Rubber Door Mat

Amazon.com Price: $38.19 (as of 07/12/2023 22:30 PST- Details)

NEWLY DEVELOPED RUBBER & COIR MOLDED DOOR MAT: This is a completely newly designed door mat with a large wipe area. The large size door mat is made of Natural coir fiber & high quality rubber.This mat has a large coir area to clean & wipe your shoes which keeps your house clean. The coir is Molded which makes the door mats stronger, more durable, minimizes shedding significantly making it last thrice as long as regular door mats. Each outdoor rug is QC inspected for 20 quality check points.
HEAVY-WEIGHT MOLDED RUBBER BORDER DOOR MAT: The heavy rubber backing makes sure the doormat in anchored to its place and does not get blown away by wind or tear apart by aggressive wiping.
SUPER TOUGH DOOR MAT: constructed with thick coir bristles on the topside molded with rubber base, the doormat is built tough by nature; its strong bristles create a wiping area and the rubber base adds to the sturdiness. This premium outdoor rug will help stop dirt, debris, moisture and other particles from being tracked into your home and will last at least 3 times longer than regular door mats.