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best shower curtains

Do you want to spruce up your drab bathroom with something simple and inexpensive? A gorgeous-looking shower curtain can do that for you. This is the right place you have arrived to get deeper into the best shower curtains as we’ve rounded up the top-notch shower curtains based on the positive reviews of the enthusiastic Amazon reviewers. While coming up with the list, we’ve also looked into the matters related to the shower curtain, such as the fabric quality, durability, design style, reasonable price, etc. In this research journey, we’ve come across a few frequently asked questions about the shower curtains, and we hope you will get their answers in our detailed review section. First, however, we would like to discuss a couple of questions from those FAQs that we’ve been coming across repeatedly. After that, we’ll move into our actual reviews for the best shower curtains.

Shower curtains are designed to fit an ideal 60 inches long tub. This design includes an additional 12 inches of width to assure full coverage and easy folding when pulled shut. So the standard shower curtain measurements are 70 x 70 inches, 70 x 72 inches, and 72 x 72 inches. If you are unsure whether your tub follows the standard size, you need to measure it manually. For the width of the curtain, measure the whole length of the curtain rod, then add 12 inches to that. This additional length ensures full-width coverage and smooth drapes. And for its size, measure from the curtain rod’s bottom to the floor, then subtract up to 10 inches to find out where to hang the curtain. You can also consider it a couple of inches if you want an extra long shower curtain.

  • How to clean shower curtains?

You can clean a shower curtain in two ways – wash them with a machine or get them hand-washed. To clean them using the washing machine, put the curtains in the washer with warm water and one of three cleaners the baking soda, vinegar, and detergent. For handwashing your shower curtain, you can use a dampened microfiber cloth and baking soda. Then get some soda sprinkled on the cloth and scrub it to remove the grime and dirt. After cleansing, rinse with warm water to get a clean shower curtain.

Reviewing The Top-Notch Best Shower Curtains in 2020

Waffle White Fabric Shower Curtain

Waffle Shower Curtain

Waffle Shower Curtain combines two of the most important factors – elegance and hassle-free maintenance. It’s a beautifully decorated curtain that exudes a premium look to brighten things up with its waffle design. The quality of the fabric is also upheld along with the design. Watch out for this amazing shower curtain to know more about its features.

Long-Lasting Fabric Design

I can’t let you frustrate anymore with the shower curtains going through mildew and rust. The design of this curtain retains the wow factor by handling the humidity factor. It is extremely water repellent and also has rust-resistant metallic grommets. In addition, the thick chosen polyester-cotton type fabric makes it a very durable one.

Additional Eco-friendly Shower Curtain Liner

To enhance the durability to the maximum, a bonus shower liner comes with the new purchases. The best thing about this liner is it is made of eco-friendly PEVA and not PVC. Plus, it has three weighted magnets at the bottom that keeps the curtain in place while you are in the shower.

Waffle Shower Curtain

Other Key Features

The waterproof fabric keeps it durable and makes it easy to clean at the same time. The size measurement of 72 x 72 inches is ideal to complement any tub. Moreover, you get 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction to buy confidence in this amazing shower curtain.

What Customers Say

Customers find the product as it is advertised. Its soft waterproof fabric, amazing looks, and additional shower liner are some of the reasons why people are buying it.

AmazerBath Plastic Shower Curtain

AmazerBath Plastic Shower Curtain

AmazerBath has a dedicated product line of bathroom ware to make your shower experience amazing. The shower curtain is one of their most delightful bathroom items. It can complement your bathroom decor exceptionally well while keeping the bathroom floor clean. In addition, it is built to last, so no worries about replacing it unless you want something new.


Probably the most important thing in a shower curtain is water repellency. AmazaerBath shower curtain doesn’t disappoint you with that. And for that, you can also be assured of its liner’s long-lasting durability.

Heavy-Duty Clear Stones

You use shower curtains so that water doesn’t get into all your bathroom floors. AmazerBath shower curtain takes care of this matter as they feature heavy-duty clear stones to make it heavier and prevent the leaking of water outside.

Easy To Maintain

It’s easy to maintain the curtain as you can simply wipe clean it with a damp cloth. Also, it doesn’t bother you much as it fits different standard-size shower tubs and is compatible with curved or straight shower rods. Hanging to the shower rings/hooks to your preference is also made easy.

AmazerBath Plastic Shower Curtain

Multipurpose Use

This amazing shower curtain suits the bathtubs and showers of your home, hotels, dorms, campers, etc. You can use it as a stand-alone transparent shower curtain or a liner for the cloth shower curtain.

High-Quality Grommet Holes

It comes with 12 high-quality metal grommet holes that can accommodate any decorative or shower curtain hooks. These grommet holes make it easier to install and provide long-lasting strength.

What Customers Say

Customers are showing their love for this product because of its amazing quality and stunning design. Especially, its little stones at the bottom keep it in place and the high-quality and odour-free fabric.

iDesign Leaves Fabric Shower Curtain

iDesign Shower Curtain

Add a classy touch of nature with the iDesign Leaves Fabric Shower Curtain. It is a perfect example of a stylish look and great quality. You can surely make your bathroom more delightful with this stunning shower curtain.

Excellent Fabric Quality

The iDesign shower curtain comes with a high-quality 100% polyester fabric. This wrinkle-resistant fabric also gives your bathroom a sleek look. This will very much suit the master bathroom, child’s bathroom, guest bathroom, basement bathroom, and so on.

Stylish Design

You cannot compromise with the style of your bathroom decor shower curtains. The iDesign shower curtain is stylishly designed with a floral leaf pattern that adds a classic nature to the overall bathroom decor. But, of course, you can also get this in some other amazing styles & colours, making them ideal for different people’s needs.

Reinforced Button Holes

This shower curtain is easy to install as well. It comes with 12 reinforced buttonholes suitable for shower rings, S hooks, and other shower curtain hooks.

iDesign Leaves Fabric Shower Curtain

Easy To Maintain

It comes with an ideal size of 72 x 72 inches, making it a perfect fit for all showers and bathtubs, whether the curtain rods are straight or rounded. In addition, its maintenance is easy as this shower curtain is machine washable and allows quick drying to make it more convenient.

PEVA Shower Liners

Its shower liners are made from PEVA. These plastic and fabric shower liners prevent the water from splashing on your bathroom floor. These are PVC-free shower liners that are versatile, and you can use them stand-alone with a fabric curtain. They also stay in place as they’re made with reinforced material.

What Customers Say

Customers find it a great value product. Although they have shown positive reviews for this shower curtain, it’s mostly because of its exceptional combination of good looks and premium quality.

Aimjerry White Striped Fabric Best Shower Curtains

Aimjerry White Striped

AimJerry understands your need for bathroom decor like a shower curtain. They are good at creating functional art on their household items. And there is no exception, even with their shower curtain.

Amazing Design

This AimJerry shower curtain design will bring charm to your bathroom decor. It comes with a white striped fabric that symbolizes the classic American design.

Safe and Durable Material

The AimJerry shower curtain is safe and durable. Its fabric is thick and waterproof, ensuring long-lasting durability. And you can also skip buying the additional shower liners as it is water repellent.

Aimjerry White Striped Fabric Shower Curtain

Multipurpose Functions

This amazing shower curtain can protect your privacy and lighten up your bathroom decor. In addition, it provides ease of installation with its 12pcs metallic rust-resistant grommets.

What Customers Say

Customers are mostly happy with their purchase of this amazing shower curtain. They seem to be impressed with its quality and design. It certainly looks like a product with great value.

Creative Home Ideas Ombre Textured Best Shower Curtains

Creative Home Ideas Ombre Textured Shower Curtain

Creative Home Ideas is a leading brand for providing innovative home decor. And there is no exception with their shower curtain as well. They focus on fashion and quality to quickly bring it to the market and at reasonable prices. It will give your bathroom an elegant makeover. There is a lot to talk about its amazing features, such as the excellent fabric design, sturdy and convenient curtain hooks, and ease of maintenance.

High-Quality Metal Rings

Each of the Ombre shower curtains offers 12 colour-matching beaded shower curtain rings for stylish and easy installation. These rings are rust-resistant, ensuring maximum durability. Besides, it comes with reinforced buttonholes to provide better strength. They fit well with all standard rods.

Excellent Fabric

It also features fade-resistant durable fabric making this shower curtain functional and fashionable at the same time. You can get this in bright and bold colours to lighten up your shower or tub. It can also be combined with a vinyl shower liner sold separately.

Easy To Wash

This fabric is machine washable as well. It needs a gentle cycle combined with mild detergent. To get it wrinkle-free, you can apply low iron on the backside.

What Customers Say

People are falling in love with the beauty of this gorgeous-looking shower curtain. It seems the go-to option for people who want to spruce up their shower.

mDesign Hotel Quality Polyester/Cotton Shower Curtain

mDesign Hotel Quality Polyester/Cotton Shower Curtain

When style and elegance are all that matter, you have the mDesign shower curtains to enhance the beauty of your bathroom decor. It comes in a hotel-style look and quality that you will surely love. It comes with an attractive woven pattern design and covers bathtub and shower openings. However, more of its amazing features need to be highlighted.

Premium Quality Fabric

The mDesign shower curtain is made of heavy-weight woven fabric. That helps to prevent it from billowing. In addition, the tight weave gives the curtain a firm and smooth texture to withstand the damp bathroom environment. It comes in an ideal size for most shower stalls and drapes nicely for a beautiful look in your bathroom.

Elegant Style

This shower curtain features an elegant waffle weave pattern that synonymizes the luxury hotel shower curtains. It also has a soft hand feel and can be a real change-maker to the appearance of your bathroom, like upgrading it to a relaxing spa-like room.

mDesign Hotel Quality Polyester/Cotton Shower Curtain

Sturdy Grommets

Each of the curtains comes with 12 rust-resistant metal grommets that provide enough sturdiness at the top. These allow easy installation to fit most standard shower rings or hooks.

High-Quality Construction

This shower curtain comes with high-quality construction. It is made of a 65/35 polyester-cotton blend. Hence, it is not waterproof and using a liner is recommended. However, this curtain is easy to wash and maintain, which helps keep it a newer-looking one.

What Customers Say

The mDesign shower curtain has mostly received positive reviews, especially because of its hotel-like looks and quality. However, there is criticism as some people are not happy that it is not waterproof and do not like the way it is constructed.

mDesign Hotel Quality Polyester/Cotton Shower Curtain

Lush Decor Button Shower Curtain

Lush Decor Button Shower Curtain

The next addition to our list is the Lush Décor Linen Button, an ideal shower curtain for the shabby chic bathroom decor. It is an on-trend, long-lasting, and a great value shower curtain.

Beautiful Design

The Lush Decor is a two-tone shower curtain that comes with pleats and button embellishments designed for enhancing your space. It’s the best option for a simple country-style minimalist design.

Magical Linen Fabric

This shower curtain is made of linen fabric, which is a delight to see. It is blended with cotton to keep the texture soft and smooth. This fabric also allows machine washing and tumble drying.

Lush Decor Button Shower Curtain

Ideal Size

This shower curtain measures 72 x 72 inches, making it ideal for working with almost every standard bathtub. However, to get it for clawfoot tubs and proper coverage, you can buy two and use both of them together.

Easy Installation

The shower curtain comes with buttonholes at the top, allowing easy installation with any hook or ring. It is a popular shower curtain among young people.

What Customers Say

People who want a linen/cotton shower curtain blend with a minimalist design show a good response to the product. However, this is not an ideal option for fancy ones.

MAYTEX Dragonfly Garden Semi Sheer Fabric Shower Curtain

MAYTEX Dragonfly Garden Semi Sheer Fabric Shower Curtain

Time to add another decorative shower curtain to the list. It’s the MAYTEX Dragonfly Garden Semi Sheer Shower Curtain that comes with some amazing features. It’s a high-quality curtain with a beautiful design that is worth watching out for.

Beautiful Design

This shower curtain features a whimsical floral and dragonfly design printed on a semi-sheer fabric. You can’t get anything better than this to enhance the beauty of your washroom decor.

Great Fabric Used

It is made from 100% polyester, making it machine washable for ease of cleaning and maintenance. In addition, you can use a vinyl liner to protect it from water.

MAYTEX Dragonfly Garden Semi Sheer Fabric

Durable Buttonhole Top

This shower curtain comes with a durable buttonhole top construction, making it perfectly compatible with different kinds of shower curtain rings and hooks. However, hooks and rings are not included in this package.

Ideal Size

Like the buttonholes, the size measurement of 70-inch x 72-inch is also compatible fit any standard size bathtub/shower area.

What Customers Say

This shower curtain has been receiving a lot of 5 stars, and people seem to be loving its sheer design.

Waffle Weave Fabric Shower Curtain

Waffle Weave Fabric Shower Curtain

An elegant shower curtain can bring a luxurious look to your bathroom decor. And a true example of that is the Waffle Weave Fabric Shower Curtain. It comes with a superior quality and premium design to make your shower experience like never before. This elegant and durable shower curtain has some more premium features to watch out for.

Great Fabric Quality

This is a 230 GSM heavy-duty fabric shower curtain that can lighten up your bathroom with sheer elegance and luxury. The fabric is a thick cotton-type tested and expertly chosen polyester material. This premium crafted fabric is made for heavy usage and maximum durability. In addition, its clean white can coordinate with bathroom decor for an upscale look. And these best shower curtains are also simple and come with no coating fabric material.

Get The Hotel Luxury

Bring the luxury hotel-style environment to your bathroom. This soft waffle-weave curtain comes with a diamond pattern evoking a luxurious spa-like feel in your bathroom. It allows elegant drape with its generous size measurement of 70 x 72 inches, ideal for all standard showers and bathtubs.

Waffle Weave Fabric

Very Much Functional

The Waffle Weave shower curtain is fashionable and functional at the same time. It is designed so that the water has to glide off and dry quickly. As a result, the solid white waffle shower curtain remains fresh and clean. Plus, it has the reinforced top header and rust-resistant metal grommets that add to the overall sturdiness and compliment the fade-resistant fabric. In addition, its 12 large rust-resistant metal grommets help prevent any tear from making it last longer.

Easy Care

This amazing shower curtain is easy to maintain as well. It is machine washable in cold water and needs a gentle cycle to clean. This one also allows tumble to dry.

What Customers Say

It seems to be a top-notch curtain shower receiving so many positive reviews. The users find it as a gorgeous-looking shower curtain with superior quality.

Chic D Blue & Grey Morrocan Tile Pattern Best Shower Curtains

We want to end the list with a unique, stylish shower curtain by Chic D. It comes with a beautifully designed Moroccan tile print that will look stunning with your modern bathroom decor. Besides, it will get your job perfectly done with high-quality fabric and functional content. Let’s hear more about this amazing curtain.

High-Quality Fabric

It is made of 100% polyester material. So you don’t need to add a liner to that. It is also environment-friendly and non-toxic.

Amazing Features

You always want your shower curtain to be water repellent and soap proof, and you get these features in this Chic D shower curtain. Plus, it doesn’t fade over time to save you money on replacement.

Chic D Blue & Grey Morrocan

What It Includes

This shower curtain includes 12 plastic hooks to make it easy to hang. Also, you get 12 rust-resistant metal grommets. So installing a shower curtain has never been so easy.

Whimsical Design & Machine Washable

It comes with one-side whimsical blue and grey Moroccan print design. This design is sustainable as it allows safe machine cleaning with a heat dye sublimation technique. So no fading.

What Customers Say

Customers are mostly impressed with this shower curtain, especially because of its design. However, people seem to be finding it a couple of inches shorter, but it doesn’t matter if you have shorter ower stalls and as long as it gets your job done.

Additional Mentions

Not done yet, we do have some mentions for those who love to have a sexy shower curtain around their shower and bathtub. These sexy shower curtains are a recent craze among young people, and they are now one of the most sought-after ones online. If you are thinking about its functionality and its sexy artwork design, you can be assured of getting it perfect. We’ll be discussing some of the most popular sexy shower curtains here to provide you with the variety to choose from, the regular ones or these additional ones.

Jawo Fashion Sexy Woman Shower Curtains

This sexy shower curtain from Jawo features the stunning artwork of a pretty naked tattoo girl having a violin in the black background. It comes with a size measurement of 69×70 Inches and includes 12pcs shower curtain hooks for easy hanging. It is made of eco-friendly fabric that is free from vinyl and PVC and is also soft to touch. The digital print comes with a clear image that will not fade or wrinkle over time. It is also machine washable with cold water and allows tumble to dry.

Jawo Fashion Sexy Woman

Jawo Fashion

Fangkun Bathroom Decor Best Shower Curtains – Snaked Sexy Pin Up Girl on Bed Bath

It’s time for an even sexier one, the Fangkun Shower Curtain which demonstrates the perfect body artwork painting style of a snaked pin-up sexy girl posing on a bed bath. This exciting shower curtain is made of polyester fabric and comes in 72 x 72 inches. It is a waterproof curtain that comes with 12pcs of free shower hooks. Its fabric material is waterproof and eco-friendly as it doesn’t contain any vinyl and PEVA. The state-of-the-art digital printing on the curtain prevents it from fading in the future. It comes with vibrant colours and a clear image. Being machine washable, it’s easy to take care of as well.

Fangkun Bathroom Decor Shower Curtain

AMFD Fire Sexy Nude Girl’s best shower curtains

When you want to see creativity at its best in a sexy shower curtain, just see the AMFD Fire Sexy Nude Girl Shower Curtain. It demonstrates a sexy, creative artwork of flame burning where flame takes the form of a sexy nude girl with a stunning colour combination of red and orange. The Nude Girl Shower Curtain is available in 70 x 70 inches size and features solid waterproof material that is neither thick nor thin. It comes with hooks and is easy to clean in the machine. In addition, the cutting-edge digital printing technology provides a clear image with bright colours and makes the print durable and not fade over time.

YEHO Home Curtain With Funny Sexy Woman Print

This sexy shower curtain from YEHO Art Gallery has a unique nude woman silhouette shadow. It is made of 100% polyester material that is waterproof and free from vinyl, PEVA, and harmful dye. This shower curtain comes with rings and is available in 66 x 72 inches. Other sizes are also available. It features designer artwork in vibrant colours and a clear image. It is machine washable and will not fade for sure. The artwork is genuine and unique, creating a fun environment in your bathroom.

Jingjiji Sexy Woman’s best shower curtains 

Finally, the Jingjiji Sexy Woman Shower Curtain demonstrates a bathing American girl body art. It is a fantasy poster bathroom decor of a nude female. This sexy shower curtain is made of high-quality polyester material that is mildew-proof, waterproof, eco-friendly, and non-polluting. It is available in a 70 X 70 inches size and is a navy blue shower curtain with a golden colour combination. It uses modern 3D printing technology to provide a vivid and clear picture. Its unique and stylish artwork will not fade. Plus, it is easy to install and wash in the machine.



In this guide, we’ve tried our best to review the best shower curtains that will look good in any bathroom. First, however, you need to match the right design and colour to the preexisting paint and set up for the complete bathroom overhaul. The shower curtain can be the final accessory to provide the punch of colours, patterns, and graphics to bring life into the bathroom. It is also important to match the pattern or colour with the towel colour, wallpaper colour, or wall paint. There are also some other factors that you need to be careful about, like the fabric quality that defines its water repellency and durability. And also, factors like the rust-resistant grommets and ease of maintenance are important. Finally, and most importantly, be watchful with the size of your shower tub to choose the right size curtain shower. After all these tips, you must’ve known which shower curtain you want to go for!

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