Add Style and Comfort with the Perfect Pillow Set for Couch

Pillow Sets

You would like to have a sofa for your television, but the pillows are for your couch? When selecting pillows for couches, there are many options and factors to consider. There’s a pillow set that’s ideal for your living room and one that’s ideal for the couch.

There are throw pillows, as well as decorative pillows for your couch. The choice also depends on the color theme of your room. This blog will tell you everything you need to know about selecting the perfect pillow set for your living room or couch. Let’s begin!

Choose the Right Pillow Set for Couch

Pillows can make a significant difference in the appeal and comfort of your living space. When choosing the perfect pillow set for your couch, consider sorting pillow covers by color, size, price, and indoor/outdoor use for the perfect home accents. Decorative pillows are versatile and can be used on any sitting furniture, such as sofas, recliners, love seats, or accent chairs.

Use accent pillows to create artful arrangements on your bed in various sizes and designs. The arrangements for decorative pillows depend on the furniture and purpose. Mix and match accent pillow covers or have a consistent theme throughout your home. Choosing the right pillow set for your couch can add style and comfort to your living space.

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Pillow Set for Couch Every Style and Budget

Are you looking for ways to add style and comfort to your couch? You can never go wrong with a set of pillows! A vast range of pillow sets is available in the market today that meet every style and budget requirement. The style choice is endless, from solid-color cushions to mixed-color, patterned, or abstract designs.

To ensure you pick a pillow set that meets your budget, we recommend you evaluate your budget limitations before purchasing. Finding a pillow set that meets your criteria while remaining within your budget can help you avoid overspending without compromising style.

Pairing your couch with the perfect pillow set gives your living space an effortless, stylish, and comfortable upgrade.

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MENGT Throw Pillow...image MENGT Throw Pillow Inserts 18” x 18 Set of 4 Ultra-Soft Hypoallergenic Square Couch Pillows with Polycotton Filling for Bed, Sofa, Sleeping, Decorating(White) $17.99 ($4.50 / Count) Buy On Amazon
Topfinel Neutral Decorative...image Topfinel Neutral Decorative Throw Pillow Covers 18 x 18 Set of 4,Beige Boho Pillows for Couch Sofa Bed Living Room,Rustic Burlap Linen Cushion Cover Bohemia Home Decor(Square 18 Inches/45 x 45 cm $22.99 ($5.75 / Count) Buy On Amazon
Whim-Wham Set of...image Whim-Wham Set of 4 Black and White Decorative Pillow Covers Gray Silver Boho Throw Pillows for Couch Abstract Geometric Modern Pillowcases 18x18 inches for Bed Bedroom. Buy On Amazon
JOJUSIS Decorative Throw...image JOJUSIS Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Luxury Style Cushion Case Super Soft Pillowcases for Couch Bedroom Set of 4 18 x 18 Inch Neutral Color Grey Beige Khaki $19.99 ($5.00 / Count) Buy On Amazon
HPUK Decorative Throw...image HPUK Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Set of 4 Square Couch Pillows Linen Cushion Cover for Couch Sofa Living Room, 18"x18" inches, Blue $28.98 ($7.24 / Count) Buy On Amazon
Volcanics Pack of...image Volcanics Pack of 2 Faux Wool Throw Pillow Covers 20x20 Inches Decorative Farmhouse Velvet Couch Pillow Case Soft Plush Square Boho Cushion Pillowcase, Embroidery, Geometric, Home, Beige $9.99 ($5.00 / Count) Buy On Amazon
RYSMIYOU Decorative Throw...image RYSMIYOU Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Set of 4 Blue Pillow Covers 18x18 inch Throw Pillow Cases Linen Square Pillow Case,Farmhouse Outdoor Modern Boho Pillow Covers for Couch Sofa Living Room $15.99 ($4.00 / Count) Buy On Amazon
Utopia Bedding Throw...image Utopia Bedding Throw Pillows (Set of 4, White), 18 x 18 Inches Pillows for Sofa, Bed and Couch Decorative Stuffer Pillows $19.99 ($5.00 / Count) Buy On Amazon
MEKAJUS Throw Pillow...image MEKAJUS Throw Pillow Covers 18x18 Set of 4 Decorative Pillow Covers Soft Velvet Pillow Covers Couch Pillows for Living Room Sofa Car Home Decor (Brown/Beige) $13.49 ($0.75 / Count) Buy On Amazon
Rythome Set of...image Rythome Set of 2 Velvet Throw Pillow Covers for Couch and Bed - 18"x18", Sage $14.99 ($7.50 / Count) Buy On Amazon

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated on this page and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed at the purchase time will apply to this product.

Popular Pillow Set Colors & Patterns

Pillows can transform a room’s look and feel, making it cozier and more inviting. When shopping for the perfect pillow set for your couch, you’ll want to consider the size, texture, color, and pattern.

Serena & Lily is a great place to start your search. They have a vast selection of pillow covers you can sort by color, size, price, and indoor/outdoor use. Some popular colors for pillow sets are blue, green, and neutral shades like ivory and beige. Patterns like stripes, dots, and chevrons are also trendy, as are nature-inspired prints like leaves and botanicals.

With the right combination of colors and patterns, you can add style, comfort, and personality to your living room or any other space in your home.

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Photo Product Price Buy
Btyrle 8-Colors Velvet...image Btyrle 8-Colors Velvet Throw Pillow Covers 18x18 Inch Set of 4 Decorative Velour Pillowcases Modern Double-Colored Cushion Covers for Sofa Couch,Green/Yellow $30.99 ($7.75 / Count) Buy On Amazon
Btyrle Velvet Throw...image Btyrle Velvet Throw Pillow Covers 18x18 Inch Set of 4 Soft Decorative Pillowcases Modern Double-Colored Cushion Covers for Sofa Couch $29.99 ($7.50 / Count) Buy On Amazon
Plaid Pillow Covers...image Plaid Pillow Covers 18x18 Inch Set of 4 Soft Velvet Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Square Cushion Case Solid Cushion Covers Modern Double-Colored pillowcases for Home Couch Decoration Orange/Teal $27.96 ($6.99 / Count) Buy On Amazon
AmHoo Pack of...image AmHoo Pack of 2 Farmhouse Stripe Check Throw Pillow Covers Set Case Cotton Linen Decorative Pillowcases Cushion Cover for Couch Bench Sofa 18x18Inch Teal Blue $17.99 ($9.00 / Count) Buy On Amazon
GALMAXS7 Boho Throw...image GALMAXS7 Boho Throw Pillow Covers 18 x 18 Set of 4 - Modern Stripe Geometric Farmhouse Decorative Pillow Cover Sets for Pillows - Couch Sofa Bed,Faux Leather Black and White Pillow Covers $27.99 ($7.00 / Count) Buy On Amazon
MONDAY MOOSE Decorative...image MONDAY MOOSE Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Cushion Cases, Set of 4 Soft Velvet Modern Double-Sided Designs, Mix and Match for Home Decor, Pillow Inserts Not Included (18x18 inch, Orange/Teal) $29.50 ($7.38 / Count) Buy On Amazon

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated on this page and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed at the purchase time will apply to this product.

Tips for Arranging Your Pillow Set

Pillows are an excellent way to upgrade your home decor and add comfort to your couch. You must follow specific tips and tricks when arranging your pillow sets to turn an ordinary couch into an inviting and stylish space. First, arrange your pillows based on furniture and purpose. For instance, you may use larger pillows as backrests while smaller ones adorn the front of the couch.

Additionally, arranging throw pillows in an odd number looks modern, while even numbers look traditional. Another way to quickly update your decor is by using throw pillow covers instead of replacing the entire pillow. It reduces waste and saves you money in the long run. It is also important to pick a high-quality pillow insert for optimum fullness and fluffiness. If you prefer thinner inserts, go up by one size. But if you desire plumper inserts, measure precisely to avoid overstuffing your covers. These tips will bring style, comfort, and cohesion to your living space.

Consider the Color Scheme

When selecting a pillow set for your couch, it’s important to consider the color scheme of your existing décor. A set that compliments your furniture and accessories can add style and comfort to your living space. You can also use decorative pillows to enhance the room’s ambiance, adding an accent piece or a small, quirky boho vibe. With these tips, you can choose the perfect pillow set for your couch, transforming it into a cozy and complete seating area.

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Choose the Right Size

A well-chosen set of throw pillows can make all the difference when adding style and comfort to your couch. But arranging them can be tricky. Here are some tips for getting it just right:

  • First, consider an asymmetrical arrangement for a polished, cohesive look. This could mean using varying sizes and shapes of pillows or staggering them in a diagonal pattern.
  • For a family den, a giant knot-shaped throw pillow can provide flexible support for the head or back.
  • When choosing pillow size, consider the size of your couch or bed and your personal preference. Larger pillows work well on larger furniture, while smaller pillows can complement a smaller piece.

Following these simple tips, you can create a comfortable and stylish space perfect for relaxing and entertaining.

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Vary the Shapes and Textures

Decorative throw pillows are a great way to add personality and comfort to your couch. To make the most of your pillow set, it’s important to arrange them visually appealingly. One helpful tip is to vary the shapes and textures of the pillows. Consider mixing square and rectangular throw pillows or incorporating a few with interesting textures, such as fur or knit. This will help create a dynamic and visually interesting display. Ultimately, the goal is to create a space that is both comfortable and stylish, and a carefully chosen and arranged pillow set can help you achieve just that.

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Balance the Pillows

Adding a well-coordinated pillow set creates a cozy, stylish feel in any room. When arranging your perfect pillow set for your couch, it’s essential to focus on balance. Mixing different fabrics of the same color is a smart way to get a cohesive look. Finding the right pillow covers has never been easier with sorting options based on color, size, price, and indoor or outdoor use.

Experimenting with asymmetry in a polished, cohesive living room creates an energetic vibe. Decorative pillows can create a masterpiece on your bed, transforming an ordinary space into an Instagram-worthy sanctuary. To achieve a harmonious pillow set for your couch, balance patterns, and solid pieces. These tips will help you create a perfect pillow set that adds style and comfort to your living space.

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Accessorize with Throw Blankets

Throw pillows are an ideal way to add style, comfort, and a pop of color to your couch. Large square throw pillows are perfect for sofa corners, leaving the middle of your couch open for guests to sit. With many options available in every room and season, decorative throw pillows can easily update your space. Many retailers offer sets of pillow covers or inserts to help you easily create your desired pillow layout.

Throw blankets also make great accessories for your couch. Layering throw blankets with different textures and colors can add depth and dimension to your space. It is important to choose blankets and pillows that complement each other and your couch’s overall color scheme to achieve a cohesive look. Accessorizing your couch with throw blankets and throw pillows can go a long way in enhancing the overall aesthetic of your living room.

Benefits of Decorative Throw Pillows

Decorative throw pillows are an excellent way to add style and comfort to your couch. They come in different shapes and sizes, providing visual appeal and back support. These pillows are an easy way to update your space’s look quickly. They can add color, texture, and interest to a room, making it look cozier and prettier. You can easily swap them out for a fresh and current look, and they can be paired with throw blankets to refresh your space’s look for each season. So, if you want to add character to your couch or the entire room, look no further than the perfect set of throw pillows.

Frequently Asked Questions

This question has no definitive answer as it depends on personal preferences. Some people may prefer a pillow that conforms closely to the contours of their couch, while others might prefer a giant pillow that can be used to support their head and neck in multiple positions. Ultimately, it is up to each consumer how they want their pillow set positioned on their couch. Here are some common questions regarding this topic:

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How many pillows should be on a couch?

You don’t need many pillows on a couch – typically, one pillow is enough. However, if you have an asymmetrical seating arrangement or prefer a polished look, add a second or third pillow to the mix. Accent pillows can be a great way to add personality and life to a space, as you can choose from a range of bold, bright colors that will stand out.

When choosing the right cover for your accent pillow, go with something luxe and soft – like crushed velvet. This fabric is perfect for adding a luxurious vibe to a dinner party or other special occasion. Plus, it comes in six beautiful colors that will suit any décor.

How many pillows do I need for a two-seater sofa?

Generally, you will need two accent pillows for a two-seater sofa. These accent pillows should stretch the entire seat and provide extra lumbar support. If the living room chair is of a quiet tone, then consider using bold, bright colors with your accent pillows. Six colored crushed-velvet pillow covers will enhance your dinner party’s vibe. Choose colorful, patterned, or neutral pillows for a modern white leather couch. Finally, consider a three-pillow set with one smaller rectangular pillow.

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Why Should I Buy Pillow Covers Instead of Throw Pillows?

It’s officially falling, so it’s time for cooler weather and cozy decorating ideas. One of the most popular ways to do this is by buying pillow covers instead of bulky throw pillows.

Pillow covers come in various colors, shapes, sizes, fabrics, and textures, so you will surely find one that matches your style. Plus, they’re affordable, so you can mix high- and low-design without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for something special but don’t know where to start, check out Etsy or Anthropologie. These online retailers offer an enormous range of options designed by various artists worldwide.

And lastly, as with any decoration, store your pillow cover when not in use. They’ll look great in any room and will save you a lot of hassle in the future.

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How do I find the right pillow set for a couch?

When it comes to finding the perfect couch pillow, there are a few things that you can do. One option is to use polyfill pillows instead of feather cushions. These are made of synthetic materials and are often cheaper than traditional feather pillows. Additionally, a knot-shaped pillow provides flexible support for propping up your head and neck while watching television or reading a book.

Another option is to buy pillow covers instead of bulky throw pillows. This way, you can easily change the look of your couch without spending much money on new furniture. Plus, you can make your couch more comfortable by adding extra inserts or removable covers depending on the season or mood.


You can’t go wrong with a monogrammed pillow cover regarding pillow sets. They not only add a personalized touch to your home decor, but they also instantly make your couch look more luxurious. The right pillow set can make your living space feel cozier and more comfortable, so start experimenting with different pillow designs and colors today! Besides, throw blankets in various shapes and sizes are a simple way to accessorize any pillow set. Our final advice is to vary the size, shape, and color of the pillows in your set. Accessorizing is all about balancing out design elements – try varying the size of your pillow cover or throw blanket to create an aesthetically pleasing look that works for you!

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