Living Room Rugs: Buying Guide & Top 5 Options

Top 5 living Room rugs

Home design is something that for many people starts from the living room. It goes without saying that a great-looking living room needs to have nice furniture, lighting as well as rugs. If you love the warm and cozy feeling underfoot, now is the best time to buy some of the top living room rugs on the market. From a practical perspective, a living room rug can provide warmth to tile, wood, and concrete flooring. Such rugs are also known to muffle sound and reduce echoes – and they can even cover up ugly floors or old wall-to-wall carpeting. When it comes to design, an area living room rug can also make or break a room. It can also define separate spaces in an open-concept layout and add decorative value to any living room. Still, there is one main principle to follow when it comes to living room rugs: Your rug should be at least six inches and no more than two feet away from each of your living room walls. Below, we are listing the best living room rugs in 2018 with a detailed review of each model.

We’ll get directly down to the point with our reviews. After presenting 5 of the best rugs and carpets on the market, we’ll walk you through how to focus on getting the most appropriate living room rug selection for your needs.

Modern Contemporary All Décor Floor Rugs Beige 9' x 12' Camden Area Living Room Rug

This is a machine-made rug that is made of polypropylene – and one that comes in multiple colors and dimensions. For colors, you can choose from Beige, Olive, Blue, Burgundy, Brown, Gray, or Black. As for dimensions, the carpet comes in sizes of 2×6, 4×6, 5×8, 8×8, 8×10, and 9×12 inches. The most noticeable thing about it, of course, is the design which makes it perfect for a living room rug, dining room rug, or even a bedroom area rug.

Modern Contemporary All Décor Floor Rugs Beige 9' x 12' Camden Area Living Room Rug 2

For the best care, make sure to vacuum this rug regularly and do spot cleaning. The rug is stain-resistant, fade-resistant has no shedding, and is easy to clean. The color is perfect to match wooden furniture and all shades of cream, beige and brown.

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Second on our list of best living room rugs in 2018 is the contemporary rug by Ottomanson which comes in three main colors – grey, orange, and turquoise blue. As for actual dimensions, the carpet comes in 3’3’’ x 4’7’’, 5’3’’x 7’0’’, 6’7’’x 9’3’’, and 7’20’’x 9’10’’. This living room rug is made from 100% polypropylene and is imported from Turkey. The design features trellis and patterns which are geometric and quite minimalistic. It can be perfect for any living room, office, or a number of other areas, providing comfort to people, pets, and guests.

Ottomanson Ultimate Shaggy Living Room Rug

The Ottomanson living room carpet is perfect for high traffic and spill-prone areas in your living room. That said, maintaining it is quite easy – no materials are caught in the vacuum cleaner and the materials are soft. There are no smells or unusual odors.

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This luxurious and plush rug named Hudson is a living room piece that provides a soft feeling underfoot. The manufacturer behind it, Safavieh, has been a trusted brand crafting rugs of the highest quality with unmatched style. Aside from its plush nature, the design of the Hudson is truly marvelous – featuring a geometric pattern for a designer look. When it comes to colors and dimensions, there are many, mostly blending ivory with colors like gray, beige, navy, red, and others.

Safavieh Hudson Living Room Rug

The rug is also power loomed with soft and thick polypropylene fibers to ensure a durable, long-lasting, and virtually non-shedding rug. The extra thick 2-inch pile provides comfort. What’s also great is that you can buy it in a square-like shape or a circular shape. Both of the colors result in a fancy carpet that looks expensive but in reality, comes at an affordable price.

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Rugshop Modern Circles Area Living Room Rug

If you are looking for the best living room rugs, this model from Rugshop should definitely be on your list. It is soft and plush to walk on, perfect for any home or office, and also used in many bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, entrances, and hallways. The truth is, this is a carpet that is quite universal. Imported from Turkey, the 100% polypropylene machine-made material excels when it comes to resisting stains, fading, soil, and bacteria.

Rugshop Modern Circles Area Rug

The high-quality polypropylene pile adds durability and longevity to the rug too. When it comes to caring, all you need to do is vacuum it regularly and spot clean it (no dry cleaning). There is a variety of colors and shapes including Burgundy, Brown, Blue, Gray, Yellow, and Multicolor.

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nuLOOM Traditional Vintage Abstract Waterfall Area Living Room Rug

Last but not least in our list of best living room rugs for 2018 is this vintage model from nuLoom which features abstract lines and shapes. There are two main colors – the Natural and Grey color variation. When it comes to shapes, there are many, ranging from 2’8’’ x 6’ to 10’ x 14’. When removed from its packaging, the nuLoom vintage living room rug may have a flattened or matter appearance. You need to simply fluff it by hand in order to remedy this. Also, you should know that due to the higher pile in comparison to other rugs, a high amount of shedding is expected.

nuLOOM Traditional Vintage Abstract Waterfall Area Living Room Rug

For care and maintenance, make sure to turn the rug face down and shake it out to dislodge any dirt or other things that may have gotten trapped deep within its fibers. Vacuuming should be done using a suction-only attachment – between each individual row.

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A Final Word

In the end, all of these rugs are incredibly versatile and functional. They are also bestsellers online which is why we categorized them as the best living room rugs in 2018. Long-lasting and perfect for high-traffic areas, they can be your most affordable investment – giving you years of comfort and functionality.

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