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Let me reveal one thing I’ve always wanted to have a Karastan carpet that was magically my own. In all likelihood, think of the possibility. Who would not? I suppose that’s why I’m prone to purchasing new carpets whenever I see them. But don’t be fooled into thinking I’m an impulsive buyer since I always do the due research. That’s the reason I chose Karastan Carpets in the first place. When I stumbled on the brand, I sought something to gift an acquaintance. However, after finishing my investigation, I was so impressed by design chosen that I would keep the piece for my own (I also gave her another)! Magical! Karastan carpets offer the perfect combination of style and quality. Today I’m sharing my experiences with you. So please put on your seatbelts, and let’s take a fantastic journey.
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Karastan Spice Market Petra Woven Rug, 9’6×12’11, Multi

Traditional Ornamental

Karastan Rugs Reviews May 2022: About The Brand

It’s been my way of life that I’d like to spend some opportunity to get to know the name before going into the product itself. I hope this will make you see this product from a fresh perspective and help you understand what the philosophy behind the brand is.

With more than 80 years of experience in carpet making to its credit, Karastan Carpets is widely acknowledged as one of the top companies in the carpet industry. The company is renowned around the globe for its distinctive and sophisticated designs.

The brand provides a diverse collection of carpets and styles to select from, in addition to the materials that guarantee long-term longevity. Styles ranging from modern to sophisticated ensure that there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes.

The perfect choice for both commercial and residential locations, Karastan Carpets is a company that will never let you down.

Why Buy Karastan Product?

The brand’s name references an exotic adventure and promises a mix of Asian art and modern technology. When I viewed their Spice Market Petra Woven rug from their label, I was immediately transported to the enchanting markets of a past world long gone. You can read about it and take a look.

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Traditionally Ornamental Design

The first thing that catches the attention of everyone is the design of the product. It evokes a strong feeling of a time long gone. Each piece of this Spice Market collection has been in the spirit of the ancient Petra city. Petra.

With intricate art and dazzling tones, the soft colors of this carpet give my home an old-fashioned charm. Amazingly designed and exquisitely made, it is one of my most beautiful carpets.

Entirely Machine Made

When I first laid my feet on this carpet, I was confident it was handmade. In the end, it’s only with handmade items that you can find this kind of exquisite craftsmanship. However, after examining the subject in depth, I was pretty pleasantly shocked.

I was able to discover I discovered that Karastan carpets are machine-made and made within the US! I can assure you Never before had I experienced this level of precision on a machine-made product before coming across Karastan.

Environment Friendly

Many of my readers have this information; however, if you’re starting will be happy to learn that I’m an environmentalist. If I invest in a brand, I aim to ensure they contribute to the environment.

That’s why I was so happy to discover it. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Petra rug was entirely recycled plastic! So true; Karastan has designed each Spice Market product using their exclusive EverStrand fiber.

What exactly is EverStrand What exactly is it? It’s Karastan’s premium polyester which the company has developed which is soft to the touch and stain-resistant. Also, the fiber provides vibrant color clarity and design. The best part? It’s recycled plastic bottles that are 100% recyclable! It demonstrates the level of authenticity that is behind this brand.

Karastan Spice Market Petra Woven Rug, 9’6×12’11, Multi

Traditional Karastan Ornamental

Easy To Maintain

Another thing I want to mention about Karastan rugs is they are straightforward to care about. You need to rotate the carpet frequently and vacuum the rug to remove daily dust and dirt that can become an issue over time.

While vacuuming should take care of the fringe. A beater-bar vacuum can result in the boundary becoming split. For the most effective results, cleaning your carpet is suggested instead of cleaning it yourself.

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Usable Anywhere-Karastan

Perhaps the most significant benefit of this particular carpet is that it can utilize anywhere. So if you’re looking to install it in your living space or want to freshen the hallway with some laid side-by-side, there’s no limit to how you can utilize the carpet.

The subtle yet elegant look of the carpet makes it ideal for commercial spaces. For example, my friend has employed the same design to decorate his restaurant, which has helped bring out the atmosphere of his restaurant.

What Could’ve Been Better?

If you’re looking for my honest opinion, There’s nothing wrong with the carpet itself. The only concern I’m aware of is that inattention to vacuuming could cause damage to the fringe material. That’s something I’ve said. Beyond this, nothing stops anyone from purchasing this gorgeous item.

Karastan Spice Market Petra Woven Rug
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  • Petra inspired design
  • Made entirely by machines in the USA
  • Constructed using recycled materials
  • It is suitable for both commercial and domestic environments.


  • Requires professional cleaning
  • You can damage fringe due to inexperienced vacuuming

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It’s the only answer to the most crucial question: Should you purchase a Karastan carpet or not? Yes, I would say yes! This exclusive product is durable, inexpensive, and can add an exotic look to your workplace or home. If you purchase one, you’ll be doing yourself one thing.

Go ahead and take one of them; I promise your satisfaction will not shatter just a little!

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