How to Buy a Dining or Kitchen Table

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A 40-hour research on a good eating table involved interviews with furniture restorers, interior developers, and industry experts. The table costs $50 and comes with a buyer’s guide to help determine the right size, shape, and design for your space. The table’s construction and materials can inform its longevity.

The book proposes 16 affordable, well-made, stylish kitchen tables. Small tables for two to four people, apartment drop-leaf tables, expanding workstations, and dining-room-worthy models for up to 10 are available.

Affordable solutions for first-time homebuyers, renters, and families with children. Marble, glass, and metal tables are also available. The guide helps you discover a long-lasting, new or secondhand table, online or in-store.

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The best dining or kitchen table for you shall be the one that works for your budget, offers solid construction, fits your space, and has a method you’ll love for a long time. If you’re not considering permanently now, you will probably have a table for at least five to a decade. “Five years is not a very long time,” said Pourny.

“If it’s your first desk, you may utilize it else after a few years somewhere, so you want it to be durable and simple and a style you’ll like for a while.” So a little, well-made table might find an accepted place in your house for years. Here are the factors you should consider before buying a desk for your home.

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The number-one rule: Your dining table has to fit in your dining area! But a dining table is a deceptively large piece of furniture; you must also account for space around it. To visualize how a bigger piece of furniture will look in your room, take the time to block out the length and width on the floor (such as with painter’s tape) and also the height of the kitchen table.

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“In addition to the footprint of the desk, you’ll want 3 feet of breathing room on all sides-and more is better!-to comfortably sit in a chair and move around the space,” said Harris. So whether your eating area is part of a multiuse space (such as a great room that you’re dividing into living and dining areas) or you have a separate dining room, start by measuring the space and width of the space you can dedicate to the table. Then subtract about 6 ft from those measurements to get a target dining table length and width.

Count Number

Next, think about how you will use the table and how many people will typically sit at the kitchen table. “Figure that each place at the table needs 22 to 24 inches of desk space and that larger-scale chairs will require more,” said Dyer. These are the general dimensions you can expect:

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To seat … Try …
1 or 2 people 30- to 36-inch round or square table
30- to 36-inch oval or rectangular table
4 people 36- to 48-inch round or square table
36- to 48-inch oval or rectangular table
6 people 60-inch round or square table
72-inch oval or rectangular table
8 people 72-inch round or square table
96-inch oval or rectangular table
10 people Round or square tables are not advised
120-inch oval or rectangular table

As a lifelong apartment resident, I’ve learned that furniture’s “visual weight” may change a room’s dimensions. It may fit if it’s dark, heavy, or near other furniture, but it’ll seem big. Take time to block off space and breadth on the floor (much like painter’s tape) and the table’s height.

I stand on my tape corners with a tape measure and fill that area with similar-sized furniture (like two seats), then take a step back to see how it feels. Having a pal with the tape measure helps too.

Try a thinner frame or lighter materials if your workstation is cramped due to neighboring furniture.

Consider Space

A dining table is a large piece of furniture, deceptively, and you will need to consider the space around it. If you’re limited on space, consider options such as leaves that permit the table to expand. “These enable you to customize the desk for different entertainment parties and needs sizes,” said Mahoney. The tourney warned against the systems or leaves which had or were concealed within the table (versus stand-alone leaves).

“Buying complicated things increases the likelihood of failure,” he said. Unlike flip-up or butterfly styles, solid leaves are the strongest growth-eating tables.

Expansion desks are perfect for nighttime and weekend use. First, try relocating your table into the house.

List every doorway, hallway, and hard surface the desk must pass through. Dyer said, “Measure everything first, and treat the delivery team which brings your furniture well!”

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“The shape of the room gets say first since some tables do not work using rooms simply,” Dyer told us. Tabletops come in two main forms family members, square/rectangular or round/oval. Ideally, you want your desk to fill up your space proportionately; if you have a rectangular room, try an oval or rectangular kitchen table; if your space is more square, a square or circular desk shall look better.

Square or rectangular tables will be the most common, so you’ll find the most options for a reason that category in conditions of styles, sizes, and extensions. But an oval or round desk can provide you with a bit more space since it cuts off the corners but still offers a good surface. “For tighter rectangular areas, the oval maybe your best option,” said Dyer.

Harris added, “Circular or oval furniture can be ideal for celebrations and discussion because there’s no relative mind of the table, too.” For squeezing people in, you’re limited only by the perimeter of the table-but you can lose just a little space for providing pieces after you have all of your place configurations at a circular or oval desk.

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A trestle can have the base-usually legs, a pedestal, or an effect on how many people you can fit at the table. “You want to make sure the lower leg space isn’t being invaded by the facilitates,” said Hirschhaut. When you see a kitchen table, sit down at it to find out if your hip and legs strike the table’s legs; also verify if you have sufficient space for your legs when you scoot in every the real way and when you can mix your hip and legs underneath the desk. The apron-the framework that keeps the tabletop up-can lessen your room to go.

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For Additional Seats

Focus on calf breadth and leg placement to add additional dinner guests. Harris said a desk with thinner legs or corners might make it easier to fit a second seat. Per Dyer, “A knee table is generally limited by how long it could be prolonged without bowing in the centre.”

A four-leg table may be unstable, but a big desk may have two pedestals or a trestle basis. A trestle or pedestal table lets you seat more people. “A center foundation is your best option to press people in,” said Harris.


Pourny warned us that bigger circular pedestal-style dining tables might be less stable than four-leg tables. “You need to be able to slim on it and dine onto it every full day without it tipping over,” he added. Trestle desks are versatile along the edges but limited at the ends.

Dyer noted, “The task with the trestle desk is that there may be places along the desk where a seat is straddling the bottom.” This example is uncomfortable and prevents pushing chairs.

Pourny said he likes this style since it’s robust and rooted in historical furniture. Check the distance between the table’s edge and the trestle supports. Allow legroom.

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“If it’s good wood, in 10 years you can strip it and you’ll still have something to work with.” —Christophe Pourny

Solid wood is a classic material because it is easy and durable to repair. Pine, acacia, mango, and teak are less costly woods that have become popular. Different woods have different hardnesses-pine a lot softer than acacia, for example, which is softer than a walnut. “Wood is typically the most popular, though it’s usually the priciest,” said Hirschhaut.

Manufacturers have been attempting to get the price tag on wood down IKEA; one has an unfinished solid-pine table for just $70, but a larger-scale one from a different retailer can cost $1,000 or even more.

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“There’s been a move from dark staining and back again toward very natural materials and real wood species that individuals recognize,” said Dyer. Predistressed items with rustic surface finishes can wear better under little kids’ abuse.

Solid wood agreements and expands with warmth and humidity and can show scrapes and wear, but it is easy to repair fairly. “If it’s good timber, in a decade you can remove it and you’ll have something to utilize still,” said Pourny. Moisture and temperature may damage the end, so “anticipate to protect [the] tabletop with pads, cloths, trivets or mats,” added Hirschhaut.


Solid wood veneer is a more economical option to wood often. To create a wood veneer, a producer glues an extremely thin coating of solid wood (or material printed to appear solid wood) to a plywood or other real wood core. Regarding the manufacturer and the materials, wood-veneer pieces can be as durable as solid wood or flimsy.

“Generally, a veneer is utilized to achieve 1 of 2 goals: an ornamental patterned top (for better goods) or even to appear as wood (to lessen costs by utilizing a cheaper substrate beneath it),” said Dyer. “A well-made veneer is a little thicker (1/36″ or higher) and can use multilayer, cross-banded plywood as the primary that it’s glued to.”

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Harris told us that she found good timber veneers as stable as solid wood. To recognize good veneer, you should look for tables with labeled core interiors clearly, such as kiln-dried wood. “A lesser quality veneer, however, will be very slim, poorly printed, and you will be put on multi-density fiberboard (MDF) or particle table,” said Dyer.

Harris decided a veneer put into composite hardwood, manufactured out of fiberboard or other reconstituted wood-pulp-based materials, is less durable and vulnerable to delaminating (where the veneer detaches from the bottom).

Avoid these lower-quality products “To, avoid cores created from particleboard or MDF and appearance out for phrases like ‘all wood,’ which can make reference to anything produced from wood-like newspaper-or ‘designed solid wood,’ which often means everything from real wood composites to artificial resins,” said Dyer. You will probably pay under $500 for a more affordable veneer, but the higher-end ones go into the thousands.

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Another real way to identify cheaper veneers is to look within the table at the store. “If the outside is finished just, however the underneath appears like different materials, the maker is trimming costs,” said Dyer. Look along the desk’s outside sides also. “On the solid-wood table, or one with a good veneer, the timber grain shall run yet path, of changing direction instead,” Dyer mentioned.

Russell pointed out another concern: “Avoid products that appear too cheap, and make sure particleboard says it’s CARB compliant, this means it’s approved emissions tests.” And you may always ask the salesperson precisely what the table is manufactured of-if they’re uncertain; that’s a red flag, said Dyer.

You can usually touch up a good wood veneer with a little paint or stain, but much like wood, stay away from direct connection with dampness and warmth.

Stone and stone-look

Stone tabletops range from marble, quartz composite, or solid rock (like cement). Are both natural and artificial options in the stone category? “There, but it isn’t a large category in eating furniture,” Dyer informed us. Rock is durable but can be porous and easily absorb staining. “Depending about how it’s made, it can chip or split,” said Hirschhaut; as soon as that happens, it could be impossible or tough to correct.

Such tabletops can be quite heavy also. The price tag on rock can vary, too: Cement-topped items can be under $500, but marble-topped ones come across the thousands.

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Cup tabletops can be clear, frosted, or tinted. They’re inexpensive and “can create a sense of space and openness relatively,” said Hirschhaut. Though glass isn’t vulnerable to dampness, it can chip, scrape, or split from heat. It shows every fingerprint also, which makes it a higher-maintenance material.

A good cup tabletop can last years if you’re not too clumsy but will begin to look bad in a couple of years if you’re susceptible to chipping the sides or dragging plates over the table. You’ll find larger-scaled glass-topped furniture under $750.

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Metal, including stainless, brass, zinc, and painted or lacquered variations of these views, is frequently used more for table bases than tabletops. “Metallic is durable rather than broken easily,” Hirschhaut informed us. But because it’s higher sparkle, every fingerprint is shown by it and can require special cleaning tools, which makes it a higher-maintenance option.

And Harris has discovered that colored metals can be hard to correct: “In the event that you nick a high-gloss or lacquered desk, it’s hard to touch it up. I’ve experienced trying to match toenail polish to coatings to attempt to repair them.” Furniture using metallic can be less costly than wood furniture, though finding an all-metal kitchen table beyond utility furniture is rare.

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Plastic and laminates

Artificial materials, either shaped into a form or glued onto plywood or another core, are a cheap option. “They are able to last a considerably long time but aren’t considered the nicest-quality materials,” mentioned Harris. These materials resist requiring and staining little upkeep but appear cheap often.

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A good dining table is well-made and sturdy, with a finish that withstands heavy use while suffering little apparent wear. “The materials are a significant part of good structure, but a desk is only as effective as the joinery,” said Dyer. Joinery is the industry term for where the foundation and tabletop fit together- the more solid this fit is, the longer the table shall last. “Wood is a superb material because a screw is held by it, as well as old-fashion bones like groove and tongue, dovetailing, tenon, and mortise or pegged tenons, dyer mentioned.”

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Check the floor test at a store.

Wood bonded directly with solid wood is sturdy, but too many hooks and attachments might damage the structure. Simpler is better. “Go through the connection factors where the legs meet up with the tabletops with the corners-if the items are beginning to separate, you observe spaces at the edges, or it’s wobbly when you move it, it’s not well-constructed,” Harris said.

“An excellent kitchen table must have some heft to it; you don’t want the hip and legs to be wobbly,” Russell added. Avoid cheap furniture that’s held together by staples and glue.

On the top, look for tables with a “clean top,” suggested Mahoney, and prevent ones with deep grooves or “crumb catchers” (Russell’s phrase) among planks or in a distressed complete that might make sure they are harder to completely clean. Which includes areas where you may individual the desk to expand it. In general, the greater the moving parts-whether they’re intersections became a member of screws or growth systems, leaves-the more opportunities for the table to break down. “The very best leaves will be where you grab the desk and arrange the leaves directly on it,” said Pourny. Many mechanisms push this “Too, springtime that-can get difficult.”

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Picking a kitchen table is personal, and influenced by your area, programs, and taste. We consulted multiple showrooms and used user feedback to determine the best options. Our study found that this furniture is durable and affordable, with a lifespan of under $1,000.

When you have an ardent dining space, fill it with a great-looking deck. This large-scale furniture (which range from 54 to 92 inches long) seats 6 to 8 comfortably, and you may chair more if you’re ready to squeeze.

7pc Dining Table and Black Parson Chairs Set in Deep Cappuccino Finish

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated on this page and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed at the purchase time will apply to this product.

Coaster Home Furnishings 9 Piece Counter Height Storage Dining Table w/Lazy Susan & Chair Set

Classically styled marble and brass table

This model looks more timeless than other marble tables we considered, and the top will resist temperature changes and possibly chip less than wood, but it can also stain more.

Design Tree Home Versailles 42″ Marble Top Coffee Table with Stainless Steel Antique Brass/Gold Base

  • HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE TABLE: All Design tree home products are made with high quality materials that will withstand the test of time
  • EASY TO CLEAN: This table is extremely easy to clean, and maintain. It’ll simplify and beautify any space you put it in
  • VERSATILE, EYE-CATCHING CHIC DESIGN: Featuring a durable marble top and a sturdy brass metal base, this table would be a great addition to any trendy home or office. Because of its simple yet elegant design, it can be incorporated into any room.

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Carol Modern Marble Coffee Table with Gold Finished Stainless Steel Frame

  • This modern coffee table is the perfect way to add some luxurious flare to any room in your home, with a marble table top paired perfectly with a chic, modern Gold finished stainless steel frame, this table has all the right elements and flair, The traditional body make it a perfect way to add some style and Table space to your living room without dominating your couch space, enjoy this Table in your home today
  • Includes: one (1) Table. Material: Marble. Frame material: Stainless steel
  • Table top finish: Marble. Frame finish: Gold. No assembly required
  • Dimensions: 23.80 inches deep x 35.62 inches wide x 16.50 inches high

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated on this page and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed at the purchase time will apply to this product.

Best big kitchen table

At over 92 ins, this sturdy table is an excellent option for a big eating area. It’s cheaper than similar-size options and has cleaner lines than most rustic farmhouse furniture.

Homall 11 Pieces Patio Furniture Dining Set Patio Wicker Rattan Chair Sets Outdoor Furniture Cushioned Tempered Glass W/Ottoman Brown

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