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A convertible chair makes for an excellent addition to any house; it gives you that extra zing – something that promises great comfort and hours of fun. As an interior designer, I habit scouring the markets for products that lend the final finishing touch to homes. On one of these rounds, while looking for a convertible chair, I came across the Chenille from CordaRoy’s. Having been in the business for a considerable period, I had little doubt about CordaRoy’s performance, so I decided to try it out. I used it for a month and discussed its performance with my colleagues. Rest assured, this review won’t lead you astray. Here I outline the features of the Chenille and hope you are as convinced to give it a shot as I was. CordaRoy promises to transform your home. Read on to find out how!

CordaRoy’s Bean Bag Bed Review: Why Buy This Product?

CordaRoy’s is an established brand with a reputation as far as interior accessories are concerned. Its products come with a single-minded focus on quality and comfort, and the Chenille is no different. However, it upholds its values and takes them a notch higher.

Cordaroy's bean bags
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CordaRoy’s Versatile Functioning

This product is a highly versatile one that is quite literally what you need it to be when you need it to be! A chair and a bed rolled into one, it switches from one form to another with incredible ease and makes for an ideal piece of furniture on several occasions. Doubling up as an excellent sleeping solution for guests, the chair offers high utility and makes no compromises on quality. Quality is my primary lookout in any household product, and Chenille doesn’t disappoint. This unit is filled with furniture-grade foam that is long-lasting and soft to touch. To someone with chronic backache like me, it offers maximum support and gives me little to worry about in terms of the long-term repercussions of lazing in bed after a hard day’s work!

CordaRoy's versatile functioning
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Pieces of furniture, especially beds and chairs, tend to be high-maintenance items when they offer a high degree of comfort. In my experience, this is often true, just not in this case, though. The Chenille is incredibly low on maintenance for a product that guarantees such an unparalleled experience.

In fact, after a fortnight’s use, I found that it was a one-step process to a clean and fresh cover! The dimpled microfiber is highly durable and stays put for a lifetime of use with minimal maintenance. In addition, it remains plush and supportive after umpteen washes and is washable with your regular bed linen. As a clean-freak with a hectic schedule, this is nothing but a win-win in my books.

Last but not least, this convertible chair boasts a neutral charcoal shade. This allows it to blend in well with a wide range of color palettes and interior aesthetics while remaining an eye-catching piece itself.

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CordaRoy’s Ease of Operation

Many products in the market offer high functionality at a very reasonable price and are durable. But what most of them miss out on is the ease of operation. CordaRoy’s Chenille, however, does not. It is one of the most attractive attributes of the unit and places another feather in the brand’s cap.

It only makes sense for a product that is of use to kids to be operated by them. The Chenille is one such item; my son has no trouble folding and flipping the chair into a bed and vice-versa!

To switch from a chair to a bed, all you need to do is unzip the safe-lock zipper, remove the cover, and flip the inner cushion. And voila, you have the most luxurious bed for you to dive right in! Turning it back into a chair requires only a simple fold-and-slide operation.

All in all, the Chenille is equipped with several features that enhance its time efficiency, and I can rely on it to perform well without any hassle.

Value for Money

Now, I certainly don’t mind shelling out a few extra dollars if that ensures great functionality along with longevity, but the Chenille does not demand that in the least! Given its features, it offers great value for money and is impressive in its affordability. At first, it may not seem to suit the average budget, but once you take a long look at its utility, it will be easy to justify the price tag!

What Could Have Been Better?

Although quite hard to beat as far as convertible chairs go, I feel it could improve in several areas. Premium-grade foam is ideal as a filling. However, quantity does make a difference to the comfort level. I would’ve greatly preferred the Chenille to be more filled out for better support and comfort.

In addition to that, the foam tends to stick, thus forming lumps. Since this hampers its performance as a comfort unit, I would suggest getting in touch with CordaRoy’s customer care. I’ve always had a pleasant experience with the team and am certain there’s no issue they won’t be able to resolve.


  • Great ease of use and operation
  • Washable and long-lasting
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Good value for money


  • The foam tends to form clumps
  • The filling could increase in quantity
CordaRoy's bed bean bag
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The Chenille from CordaRoy’s is an excellent product to own if you’re someone who loves playing the host or if all you look forward to after work is to curl up with your favorite book and sink into the softest surface. And since that’s pretty much all of us, you can understand what I’m getting at!

In combining functionality with operational efficiency and durability, the unit proves to be a good buy for its price and leaves you with little to complain about. Barring the insignificant drawbacks, this is a product you will want to have in the house.

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