Best Executive Desk Reviews 2022

Best Executive Desk Reviews

Whether you work from home or want a dedicated base for your computer, choosing the best executive desk can be a minefield. Furniture has never been cheaper, but often, costs come at the expense of lifespan. So, as with any aspect of your home or garden, you’re always better off investing in something that will last the test of time, even if it costs a little more. With today’s executive desk reviews, we’ll highlight a cross-section of styles and functionality so you can choose something suitable for your office or living room. We’ll get straight down to business now with our five best executive desk reviews.

5 Best Executive Desk Reviews

We’ll get directly down to business with our reviews. After presenting 5 of the best choices on the market for your home and garden, we’ll walk you through how to focus on getting the most appropriate tool for your needs.

Sauder Executive Desk

First up in our executive desk reviews comes Sauder, a company with a hard-won reputation for producing sustainable furniture that comes in on budget without compromising design or build. We’re not here to sell you on the virtues of engineered wood. If you’d sooner have the real deal, this is not the desk for you. But, on the other hand, if you want the wooden aesthetic without the environmental footprint, this neatly finished desk is tailor-made. Storage should be enough for even a moderately busy home business with ample room for files, folders, and hanging files. Measuring up at a substantial 65 x 29 ½ x 29 inches, if you’ve got space to house it, the Sauder Executive Desk will help you work in a minimalist environment with all that messy paperwork out of sight but close to hand.


  • Assembly is required, but it’s minimal, and customer service will pitch in to help out on the phone if required.
  • Engineered wood with three subtle finishes for an elegant aesthetic without sacrificing practicality
  • Large drawers capable of accommodating hanging files along with all your other paperwork for an uncluttered desk
  • Flip-down panel for your mouse and keyboard, so vary your working position to prevent straining yourself.
  • The eco-friendly way to get wooden furniture


  • A few niggles about door alignment

TANGKULA Computer and Writing Executive Desk with Shelving

Next in our executive desk reviews is a modern and minimalist computer and writing combo with a generous set of integrated shelving from TANGKULA.
While many desks have little to distinguish themselves from the competition, this stands apart for its space-saving design giving you all the space you need while still small enough to slot into a makeshift home office in a spare bedroom. Construction is rock-solid, and you’ll get a great deal of use from this desk without needing to spend a fortune. As long as you don’t mind having your paperwork exposed on the shelves rather than tucked away in drawers, and you’re happy with the stark design, this executive desk is ideal even if you’ve got a small, cramped office.


  • Ingenious space-saving storage along with ample work surface
  • MDF board and iron tubing combine to deliver exceptional durability along with a sleek, stripped-down look
  • The layout of shelving means you get maximum storage and workspace in a very compact unit
  • Super-simple assembly with all hardware thrown in, so you’ll be working away shortly after unboxing
  • Padded feet so you won’t scratch up your laminate flooring


  • Not the best fit with more traditional décor


SHW Vista L Desk


As we hit the midway point in our executive desk reviews, we’ve got a real bargain from SHW Vista that won’t let you down on the performance front. After all, who wants a cheap executive desk if it’s going to start peeling and coming apart a few months later? This desk is currently up for grabs at an aggressive discount if you act quickly. In return, you’ll get an understated chrome and tempered glass corner desk that gives you plenty of room to spread your work out but in a small enough unit to slot up against the wall. You’ll need to bear in mind there’s no storage whatsoever with this L-shaped desk. You’ll get an expansive work surface roomy enough for a desktop and laptop with space for a printer and all your paperwork. You won’t get any kind of drawers or shelving, so make sure you’re OK with this.

SHW Vista L Desk
Image Source: Amazon UK


  • L-shaped 3-piece design so you can slot neatly into a corner if space is at a premium.
  • Steel frame with powder coating for a lean look with all the strength you need
  • Tempered glass injects a dose of class without any fragility
  • Small footprint at 51 x 28 ½ x 51 inches, so perfect for small offices
  • Incredible value for money and currently available at a steep discount


  • Some reported quality control issues, so check your package carefully upon arrival.

GreenForest L Corner Executive Desk

GreenForest L Corner Desk
Image Source:


Edging to a close with our executive desk reviews, it’s time to roll out another L-shaped corner desk since we’re acutely aware many people have smaller offices at home and don’t want the biggest executive desk. If you’re looking for something traditional and classic, this is not the desk for you. If, though, you want plenty of space for a couple of laptops and more in pale melamine set against a robust white frame, this corner desk is just the ticket. The nature of the design allows you to switch the pieces of the tables around so you can set your workspace just how you like it. For a cost-effective and practical executive desk available in multiple finishes, the GreenForest is a stealth option.

  • Particleboard with metal frame delivering rigidity, economy, and durability in one slick package
  • 3-piece design allows you to tweak the desk layout, so perfect if you share your working space
  • Protection in place so you won’t scuff up your floor
  • Assembly is straightforward and should take less than 30 minutes
  • Extremely competitive price-point


  • Wood can be prone to chipping, so think about how much punishment your desk will get.



GreenForest L Corner Desk..
Image Source: Pinterest

Ashley Signature Design Office Desk

While this is not the cheapest desk at your disposal, it’s among the very best. If you prize quality above all else, this desk will make a fine addition to any office. You can opt for a size to suit and choose whether you need drawers. This desk gives you all the benefits of a vintage desk combined with strength and design through technology. This gets our vote for best executive desk overall.


  • The mixture of woods, veneers, and engineered words for rugged build quality married to tradition and striking design
  • The keyboard tray adds a modern touch to a classic desk layout
  • Two sizes so something for all offices
  • Optional configuration with six drawers for a truly commanding executive desk
  • Impeccable brand heritage with over a half-century in the business


  • Wood can be prone to chipping, so think about how much punishment your desk will get.

OK, our executive desk reviews are done, so we’ll round out with some handy hints on finding a desk that meshes with your needs without too much time or effort.

Ashley Signature Design Office Desk
Image Source:

How To Get The Best Executive Desk The Easy Way

Getting the best executive desk is subjective and personal to a large extent. Nevertheless, you should consider a few broad areas to simplify your buying decision.

Think About Your Working Habits

Before focusing on the desk itself, think about what you want from it and how you work. Do you have large volumes of paperwork you’d prefer to keep away from sight? If so, shoot for a desk with plenty of drawers. What kind of folders, files, and documents do you need to store with paperwork? If you have to accommodate legal files or hanging files, there are plenty of desks to suit. If you use your desk principally to make phone calls and check your email, there’s no need to prioritize a huge working surface. But, equally, if you run a thriving business from home, don’t get a desk giving you insufficient room for maneuver.

Size Matters

Firstly, make sure the desk you have in mind will fit into your office. This might seem obvious, but many people rush in without thinking about dimensions. You should also allow a clear 3 feet behind so you’ve got plenty of space to sit behind it. Desks vary enormously in size, so there’s no excuse to get one that feels made-to-measure.

Executive Desk
Image Source:


The basic rectangular desk is a classic that fits into most rooms. With more and more people working from home, often in limited space, corner desks with an L-shape make perfect sense. If real estate is too tight to mention, you can even find hideaway desks to maximize space while still providing you with a place to work. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to the shape of an executive desk, simply what works for you.

How About Storage?

Another area where the solution is personalized concerns storage. Some people need multiple drawers; others prefer shelving, and minimalists need nothing. Using a desktop rather than a laptop, a pull-out keyboard tray gives you the optimal working position while also saving precious space. Think closely about your storage needs, and you’ll be glad you took the time.


As with most buying the best executive desk, materials are a personal choice.

Executive Desk..
Image Source:
  • Wood: Whether you want an expanse of oak or some cheaper engineered world, there’s something classic about a wooden deck that’s hard to beat
  • Metal: If you have a more minimalist office, stark metal desks can work well. Steel also works well as a stable frame.
  • Glass: Another modern touch on executive desks is tempered glass. You’ll get that harsh yet luxe look without worrying about breakage.
  • Composite Wood: If budget is your prevailing motivator, composite wood delivers style and durability at a price you’ll love

A Final Word

You should now have a sound idea of just how much choice you’ll have when it comes to executive desks. Any of the desks above will serve you well, and if none of them float your boat, you now know exactly what to look out for to get the best executive desk fuss-free. Come back soon for more help with your home and garden aspects.

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