Best Accent Chair For Your Living Room

Accent Chairs For Your Living Room

Accent chairs, also called occasional chairs or side chairs, are a great statement piece in any living room. In today’s accent chair reviews, we’ve got a nice cross-section of the best furniture up for grabs. And the beauty is, these chairs cost far less than you might imagine so we’ll cut straight to the chase and tempt you to update your seating.

5 Best Accent Chair Reviews

We’ll get directly down to business with our reviews. After presenting 5 of the best choices on the market for your home and garden, we’ll walk you through how to focus on getting the most appropriate tool for your needs.

Simpli Home Faux Leather Accent Chair

First up in our accent chair reviews is a stripped-down classic at a price you’ll love from Simpli Home. The default option is dark brown faux leather but you’ve got multiple colorways at your disposal so there’s something to slot in any lounge. Many accent chairs look great but are sorely lacking on the comfort front. While this design-driven chair has clean lines and nice flared arms, you’ll also get plenty of padding and a bucket-style seat so you’ll be able to relax into your evening with a nice glass of wine. Mix and match with the broad range of both fabric and faux leather chairs to set off any lounge without spending a fortune.


  • Supple dark faux leather for durability, comfort, and easy maintenance combined
  • A range of other colors is available if you want a brighter look
  • Very cushioned and comfortable so not a case of form over function
  • Tapered legs, flared arms, and tub-style seat
  • Outstanding value for money considering the rugged yet comfy nature of this neat accent chair


  • Rather flimsy so think again if you’re bigger than average

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HomePop Parsons Upholstered Accent Chairs

HomePop Parsons Upholstered Accent Chairs

HomePop Parsons Upholstered Accent Chairs 2

If you’ve got a minimalist dining room in need of a shot of color, this pair of accent chairs from HomePop Parsons will make a real statement next time you host a dinner party. You can choose from a massive spread of colors and designs from dark solids too much brighter geometric prints to liven up any dining room. The contrast of the fabric against the dark walnut legs is commanding and while the design is uppermost, you won’t end up twisted up in discomfort in the pursuit of looking good. Give your monochrome room a shot of color with these fun and affordable accent chairs from a brand you can trust.


  • Geometric prints in a staggering array of colors to coordinate with any contemporary living room
  • Legs finished in striking dark walnut
  • Pair of chairs so great value even though they’re not the cheapest accent chairs on the market
  • Generous weight capacity of 250 pounds so suitable for most
  • Intended as dining chairs but comfortable enough to kick back in after dinner as well


  • Some assembly is needed but it’s nothing taxing

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Clarice Wingback Accent Chair

Clarice Wingback Accent Chair
Next up in our accent chair reviews is something more traditional with a classic wingback design from Clarice. If you need a reading chair for the library or something special for guests to relax in, there’s little to rival the wingback. You’ll get a plush seat which will also keep your posture just right. While the design is eminently traditional, this accent chair wouldn’t look out of place in a more contemporary living room either. The lean and clean look is surprisingly versatile. The added kicker is that the price is almost unbelievably low considering the build quality so check out this awesome accent chair now and treat yourself.


    • Get all the tradition of a classic wingback at a price you’ll love
    • Multiple color schemes in a plush yet hardwearing fabric
    • The tufted seat and backrest come together to deliver a comfortable experience
    • Weighs 40 pounds so easy enough to shift around when required
    • Ideal design for a reading chair


      • Some reported issues with staples so check carefully that everything is tightly secured

Clarice Wingback Accent Chair 2

Clarice Wingback Accent Chair 3

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Rivet Revolve Accent Chair

Rivet Revolve Accent Chair
Rivet Revolve Accent Chair 2

Rivet Revolve Accent Chair 3

Rivet Revolve Accent Chair 4

As we near the end of our accent chair reviews, we’ve got a contemporary gem from Rivet Revolve in either dark denim or gray weave. The hardwood and beech contrast wonderfully and complement the fabric to complete a modern classic to grace any lounge. Assembly couldn’t be easier so you’ll have lounged back in minutes straight out the box. With the option to return your chair during the first 30 days, you’ll then be covered for a year so you can buy without a headache.


  • A beautiful mixture of hardwood frame and beech legs
  • An expansive seating area and plenty of padding so kick back for hours without straining your back
  • Straightforward assembly just calls for putting the legs on
  • Available in both light and dark form so something for everyone
  • Free returns during the first month and a 1-year limited warranty so buy with complete confidence


  • Fabric is not as hardwearing as we’d have liked so think about intended usage and if the chair will see plenty of traffic, you might want to think again

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Roundhill Armless Accent Chair

Roundhill Armless Accent Chair
Roundhill Armless Accent Chair 2

Rounding out our accent chair reviews is an armless option from Roundhill in an imaginative range of palettes so there’s something for every drawing room or dining room. This armless chair can morph well into minimalist spaces or much more homely and traditional living rooms. The chenille fabric is a delicate combination of comfort and durability which is also nice and easy to keep clean. Set off against the dark wooden legs, you can give your lounge a quick makeover by investing in this accent chair at a price you’ll love.

Roundhill Armless Accent Chair 3


  • Lively color schemes to pep up any décor
  • Fantastic base with sturdy wooden legs finished in dark espresso
  • A plush pillow lets you relax for hours in complete comfort
  • Foam is soft enough to provide plenty of comforts but durable enough to last for years
  • Textured chenille fabric feels great but is easy to clean and built to last


  • Fabric is not as hardwearing as we’d have liked so think about intended usage and if the chair will see plenty of traffic, you might want to think again

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What To Look For In The Best Accent Chair

Luckily, buying an accent chair is a pretty simple procedure. Take a few minutes to consider the following basic pointers and you’ll end up with a great conversation piece without needing a bank loan.

Intended Use

If you’re looking for a reading chair, you’ll need to look for something bigger and a bit comfier than a chair that’s more for occasional use for shorter periods. Accent chairs in the bedroom can normally be a bit smaller so they don’t eat up too much precious space. If you’re rolling with an accent chair in the dining room, will it be used as an occasional extra chair at the table? If so, you should think about the size accordingly. A few judicious minutes at this stage can save you a wasted purchase and maximize your chances of getting the best accent chair for your needs.


The color of your chair is subjective and related to the color scheme you have in place. If you have a more muted and somber living room, why not inject a splash of color with a brighter accent chair? Imagination is your only limitation so let yourself go and update your décor without spending too much or needing to put in any real effort.


You can get accent chairs in just about any material from leather and faux leather through a diverse choice of fabrics. Think about how hardwearing you need your chair to be. Take the time to consider whether you put more of a premium on comfort than on durability. How important is it to you that the chair is easy to clean and maintain? All of these questions will help you to get the most appropriate material for your needs rather than rushing in and getting stiffed with something unsuitable.


You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to the style of your accent chair. Whether you want a traditional wingback or something sleeker for a minimalist dining room, we’ve tried to give you a decent taster of what’s on offer.


Think about the overall value rather than the bottom line. Any furniture is an investment, so go for an accent chair that will stand the test of time even if it costs you a few bucks more.

A Final Word

Hopefully, you’ve got the perfect accent chair in your sights now and you’re all set to order it up. Don’t forget to let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to cover here on the site and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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