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How to Clean a Leather Couch? Complete Guide

How to Clean a Leather Couch 1

Disclosure: We could earn commissions from purchases made using hyperlinks in this article. How do you clean leather couches? A leather sofa in your living space can greatly enhance the overall look of the space. But it will be noticeable if your leather sofa isn’t maintained and cleaned regularly. Here, I’ll outline the steps needed […]

Types of Wood for Furniture-3 Main Types

Types of Wood for Furniture

If you’re planning on purchasing furniture made from wood, It is crucial to know the various types of wood for furniture. So what are the various types of furniture wood? The three main kinds of wood used in furniture are softwood, hardwood, and engineered or manufactured wood. Furniture made from hardwood is the most beautiful […]

Sheesham Wood Facts and Why It’s Used for Furniture

Sheesham Wood

Disclosure: We could earn commissions from purchases made using the links on this page. You have likely seen furniture made of Sheesham wood but didn’t realize it. Sheesham wood has become a well-known raw material used to make furniture throughout the globe, particularly in India. This article covers Sheesham wood basics and why it’s used […]

What Is Rubberwood? Is Rubberwood Furniture Good?

What Is Rubberwood

Disclosure: We could earn commissions on purchases made via the links on this page. It’s a common misconception that rubberwood is either soft or even rubbery. However, the truth is that rubberwood is neither hard nor rubbery because it’s a wood block. It’s called rubberwood since the wood is derived from rubber trees that produce latex. […]